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Exclusive benefits of dedicated server hosting

When it comes to hosting, none of the servers can beat the performance level of dedicated server. They are considered a premium hosting service and are preferred by the biggest of the organizations. But are you aware of its true power?

When your website is on a shared server, you will never come to know that with how many of the other websites it is sharing resources exactly. Sometimes shared server hosting providers, host hundreds or even thousands of other websites on the same physical server. Now can you imagine what fraction of the resources your website is using? This might be a revelation for many but here’s more to the picture.

Now, if your server gets all the resources to itself, then it can perform miracles. This is why Dedicated hosting in India is preferred over other hosting by large-scale enterprises. It’s time for you to take your business to unexpected levels.

Some questions will keep you in dilemma after seeing those cheap shared and cloud hosting plans. Some of these questions will be like-

  • How much more will a dedicated server costs than a shared server?
  • Will it be worth putting that much cost into hosting?
  • Does my business need a dedicated server?

Well, not all dedicated hosting in India costs you a fortune. The cost of your dedicated server depends on some definite factors like computing power, bandwidth amount, and data storage along with backup. Initially, it will be dedicated server will be expensive than a shared server, but its long-term benefits make it worth the cost.

Let’s go through some exclusive benefits of a dedicated server that will answer all your questions-

Exceptional applications of dedicated server resources

When you invest in dedicated hosting in India you get the entire server to explore. No one could ever utilize the resources of a dedicated server completely but you can optimize your usage. You are now the owner of the whole disk space, RAM, bandwidth, etc.

  • You can make use of the CPU and RAM to accelerate the performance during peak times. This might double your current sales and maximize your revenue.
  • With a dedicated server, you get root access to the server. This further allows you to add software of your choice. The server also allows to configure settings and get access to server logs. Only dedicated server hosting allows access to the server logs.

You can even run whichever applications you want by implementing a dedicated server’s exclusive server security measures. The best part is that you can select the operating system of your choice. Thus, your website will be running just like your business with the same flexibility and scalability.

Promises optimum business growth-

When the business starts to grow, requirements grow simultaneously. The difference is the requirements grow exponentially and this is when other types of servers fail to deliver. The dedicated server leaves the decision up to you to add as many modifications as you need to meet the growing needs. This helps you in keeping the flexibility of your business top-notch. Your growing customers will demand fast processing and excellent page loading times. A dedicated servers can only guarantee such a brilliant user experience and expected returns. Thus, to get the scalability and flexibility as per the demand, a dedicated server is all you need.

Unmatchable performance and reliability

Dedicated server hosting promises stellar performance through powerful servers and unlimited resources. On other servers, chances of server crashing are way more likely due to limitations on the number of resources. The chances of crashing, even more, aggravates when your website deals with heavy videos and images. Also, if your website designing is heavy to support then dedicated hosting is the last resort. Dedicated hosting in India holds such power that there will be no gaps to fill in terms of customer experience. Secondly, dedicated technical assistance is something that dedicated server is known for. The experts are 24*7 available to look out for the slightest of the issue. You will not be needing any external guidance or outside help because the expert will always be there at the server end to lookout.

Top-notch security guaranteed

When your website is hosted with a dedicated servers, then there are no worries about security. The server infrastructure of a dedicated server is so brilliantly designed that there is no room for any failure. It includes firewalls, 24*7 security monitoring, restricted access, and data separation. This ensures top-notch security against malware and hacks. Apart from malware, the infrastructure is planned to prevent all kinds of DDoS (Denial of Service Attacks) attacks. The data separation completely isolates the dedicated server from the company’s services and most importantly the data of your customers. This allows you to recover any data as quickly as possible. Other than this, you are free to install any security application. Thus, both your and your customer’s data is secured in the best possible way.


A dedicated server assures all the benefits mentioned but to get the best, you need to find a suitable dedicated hosting in India. The best provider will assure security, speed, performance, etc. To select the best one, you need to keep an eye on all the features and specifications.

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