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Essential Internet Terms that You Must Know to Use Internet

Are you confused about the internet terms like many other people around the globe? Well, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. You are not alone in this struggle. A lot of us are suffering every day at the hands of unusual internet terms. This is not because they are too hard to understand, but because they are not familiar terms.

Every field or niche has certain jargon. As it happens to become more and more common, we tend to learn this jargon, and they become part of our everyday communications. The same is the case with internet terms. We come across a great many, which has made us familiar with them. However, there are still others that we need to come around.

If you go with a good ISP such as Spectrum, its representatives will guide you about the best spectrum internet packages in normal layman internet terms.

A number of problems can be avoided if we know the right internet terms. Many times, Internet Service Providers use jargon that we are not familiar with. In this way, we can make a fool out of ourselves. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself abreast of all the latest technological and internet terms that will help us in the long run.

In this article, we will look into some of the essential internet terms that all of us must know.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

ISP is a very common term that we hear in our everyday life. A lot of us are aware of the term. However, if you don’t, we are here to explain. ISP is the internet company that supplies internet services to your home. It is the one you pay every month – or once a year to get internet services.

Error 404

You will agree that this is the most frequent error that we usually see on the internet. It simply means that the page you have browsed for is not available or does not exist. This can be true for an inaccurate web address or any other reason.

Add Ons

Add Ons are most commonly known as extensions. Different browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or others offer them to enhance the functioning and capabilities of the browsers. However, while installing any add ons, make sure that you do from an authentic and reliable website. They can lead to invading your privacy.


Although many people perceive add ons and plugins as similar things, actually, they are not. Plugins are usually required for real runtimes for specific content on a page. These generally include Java and Flash Player etc.


The archive is another one of the internet terms that you usually come around. It is a way in which we move some piece of data from an active folder to a more dormant one. In this way, it takes up lesser space and does not appear in the active sessions anymore.


Backing up is different than archiving. Archiving puts the data out of sight for a while. However, backup makes a copy of the existing data into a different and more secure location. The sole purpose of backup is to provide the data in case of any breach or data loss.


Bandwidth is super important for an internet connection. For instance, spectrum internet packages offer very high bandwidth. The higher the bandwidth, the better will be your internet connection. A higher bandwidth indicates that your connection offers maximum space for the data packets to pass through.


This also includes the list of internet terms that we hear quite often. It is a common term for a remote server that carries all of your data. This includes Gmail, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. The purpose of cloud services is to contain all the data into the server – rather than the PC. It can also be used as a backup for your important data.


Have you ever deleted cookies from your browser or any app? If you haven’t, let’s talk about why you do or why you don’t. A cookie is a piece of information that websites leave on your computer. This ensures that you don’t have to log in each and every time to a website that you visit quite often. It mostly acts as a memory of the system!


It simply means that you integrate content from one website to another on the internet. It can be a YouTube video or anything else.


You might have heard or seen the tag “end-to-end encryption” on different sites or messenger apps – such as WhatsApp. Encryption is a practice that ensures that no one other than both users are able to read or see the conversation and information that you share with each other. It is very important for your safety and security.

The Verdict

All these internet terms are very important to learn. They can help you understand the terminologies of computer systems quite easily. These internet terms are not difficult – you are just not familiar with them. However, once you go through them all, you will be able to negotiate with an expert in the relevant internet terms (without making a fool out of yourself).

Conversely, if you are having difficulty understanding these things, you must rely on a reliable Internet Service Provider. In this regard, the spectrum representative is very open to explaining each and every point that includes in the spectrum internet packages.

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