Entry Level Sortation Automation Options for Lightweight Products Like Apparel in Polybags

Numerous businesses have explored automating their packaging techniques, but some are hesitant to take the first step into the sortation automation arena. The world is changing, whether you’re concerned about the costs or unsure about the benefits that automation might offer to your firm. 

This post entails two of the most efficient conveyors that will allow you to experiment with basic sortation automation without incurring excessive fees.

Let’s get started.

Things to Consider When Choosing Sortation Automation Options

Automation allows you to keep up with or even outperform the competition. There are many ways to include entry-level sortation automation into your packaging strategy regardless of the size of your firm. 

The nature of the material that is being handled

Different sorters are better for different types of products and packaging. As a result, your product’s size, shape, and weight, as well as its fragility and rigidity, will all play a role in limiting down your sortation alternatives.

Throughput Requirements

Regardless of your throughput requirements, there is virtually likely a sorter that can help you get there. It’s worth mentioning, however, that the faster the sortation and the higher the throughput, the more expensive the technology. As a result, you must first understand your needs to select the technology that will allow you to meet them while remaining within your operational budget.

So, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your rate of production?
  • How quickly should items be processed in units per minute?
  • What are your peak times, both on a daily, monthly, and seasonal basis?
  • Are there any customer-driven peaks as a result of same-day shipment that cause your system’s actual processing rate to increase?
  • Has sortation been a bottleneck in your facility in the past?

The Required Number of Destinations

What should you do with your stuff once they’ve been sorted? How many different places do you need to go to?

Though some outbound shipping applications only require a few locations, store distributions may require hundreds of chutes to branch out of a single sorter. This number will have an impact on the layout of your sorter, so think about all of your options.

Space Considerations

Finally, it would be a mistake to underestimate the value of space when deciding on the optimal sortation method for your business. This dimension will influence your ultimate choices because certain sorters require more room than others.

Consider the following questions: 

  • What is the overall square footage of your operation?
  • What is the size of the available floor space?
  • Are you making the best use of your facility’s vertical space?
  • Is the system going to be looped or linear?

The flexibility of The System

How certain are you that the products and packages handled by your organization today will be the same products and packages handled five, ten, or fifteen years from now? While it’s understandably impossible to predict exactly how your business will operate in the future, it’s critical to have at least a rough idea because this will influence the type of sorter you choose.

Some sortation techniques are better suited to a small number of products and packaging. This could rule them out of a facility that demands a lot of flexibility. Other solutions, on the other hand, are extremely adaptable and can be a good choice for operations that are (or will be) evolving in the future. In comparison to some historical systems, AMR-based sortation, for example, provides amazing flexibility.

Best Sortation Automation Tools

  • Modsort 

What if a single integrated module could divert, transport, and sort a variety of package kinds with ease? The ModSort Conveyor can be added to an existing or new conveyor system, and it uses industry-standard 24V connectors to simplify installation.

When the divert belt (black) is triggered, it diverts packages left or right. System Plast 2253RT belt (blue) is utilized as a transfer belt to receive and pass the product through. Both belts are powered by MDR technology, which is widely used in the industry. 


  • Handle polybags efficiently for reduced damage, gaps, and catching.
  • Unlimited motion control, energy efficiency, and technology that runs on demand
  • 24 volt, quiet, safe, and low maintenance
  • A local team will assist you in integrating your parcel handling procedure.
  • E-Sort Conveyor

e-Sort Conveyor Sorters are an intelligent, modular, and flexible automated sorting system technology that processes and generates manifests for receiving or shipping cartons or poly bags, as well as sorting B to C, ECommerce orders for delivery, but the possibilities are truly unlimited with e-Sort.

With an incredibly low 5-inch profile that permits units to be stacked two and three high to double and treble rate to a single destination, the Z1B sorts 1 oz. poly bags in-line with 50 lb. cartons at 50+ units per minute. Because of their simplicity, versatility, modular design, and low price, e-Sorters are the finest entry-level sorter technology for Omni-channel organizations.


  • Run on-demand technology
  • To power supplies, the input power can be 120V or 230/460 3 Phase.
  • eSort Insight Pulse Rollers, 24v DC Drive, no air required
  • Design that is modular Back-to-back or with an intermediate zone
  • Easily reconfigured units can be placed.

Sorting Out Your Options with MWI Solutions

Any effective system deployment necessitates extensive planning, and picking a new sortation method is no exception. In addition to understanding how specific variables will influence the sorter you ultimately choose, you must think about your future demands and keep scalability in mind.

McCombs-Wall Inc, a reputable warehouse management solution provider, can assist you in determining your best solutions for sortation automation. Contact them for a free consultation if you have any questions.

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