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Easy Tips to Fix Macbook Pro Screen Replacement

Are you facing a problem with your Macbook screen replacement? It is unfortunate that your most exciting gadget’s screen is broken. This is due to different reasons which make anyone unhappy when things break either it is an unintentional accident or due to some malfunction. Everyone wants this gadget, sleek design, the amazing interface of Mac book pro fall in love with it. This is the time when your computer might be in need of repair. Any device has a chance to fail and your Macbook pro is no exception. Technology supports us and enhances our workflow.  Many of these accidents are comparatively cheap and easy to fix. Sometimes small repairs of Macbook pro screen replacement can be fixed up in a little time while other issues might take longer and cost quite a bit of money.

What do you do when your screen is broken? In this tutorial, we explain what you can do if your Mac’s screen is broken. One MacBook Pro screen replacement may seem complicated but is actually quite doable on your own screen. If you know the correct steps to complete the job, it’s actually pretty doable. It used to be done if your screen cracked on your laptop; you’d just replace the LCD and be done with it. 

Accidents and heavy use can lead to your screen becoming damaged to an extent that it would be in need of repair. Sometimes a small crack is a big problem in the future if left unfixed; it can lead to getting worse. The cause of most screen breaks is an accident or by mistake. This could be something like dropping your Macbook off of a table or desk or even accidentally hitting the screen with some blunt object. Instances like this generally lead to a crack or multiple cracks in the glass.

Screens can also become scratched from steady use. Damage to the screen resulting from this type of regular wear and tear over time and eventually cause your screen to look cloudy or scratched in appearance both when you are using it and when you look at the screen while the computer is powered off or in sleep mode. We should get things fixed up and near perfect when they break. Whether there is a small crack in your Macbook screen or it broke completely.

How to Replace the MacBook Pro Screen Without any help yourself?

The second and cheapest idea to fix the screen of your Macbook pro is by you. One search in Esource Parts for “MacBook Screen Replacement” gives you different results, with some of them being around affordable prices. It is not a complicated process and you should be able to accomplish the task on your own with the right instruction and a few common tools.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of trying to fix your Macbook screen, take it to a professional, but if you want to try it yourself, follow the steps below. We would only recommend following this method if you feel truly confident in this skill. There is a procedure on how to replace the screen on your MacBook Pro.

  1. Prepare a setup a particular area for Repair

You’ll want to get everything in order before starting the repair of your gadget into this project so be sure to set up an area to work that is free of any obstructions, get all of your tools and materials in order, and clean the area and everything that might be a source of dust or dirt.

The following materials you need for this repair are: 

  1. Your Mac Book Pro
  2. The replacement screen 
  3. A hairdryer
  4. Screen cleaning cloth 
  5. A suction cup
  6. Heat the Edges of Broken Screen

Make sure to be careful with this step: Turn on the hair dryer and heat along the edges of your broken Macbook screen. Keep close the dryer to the screen and this will loosen the adhesive holding on the screen.

2. Remove Old Screen with the Help of Suction Cup

After heating the screen, attach the suction cup to the screen by pressing it perfectly to the glass. Be careful don’t give more pressure. Lift up slowly and in a careful manner, your screen should come off of the gadget.

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3. Clean both Mac Book Pro Screen Surface and New Screen

Use the clean cloth, buff, and polish both the display surface of the old screen and the new screen to be installed. Make sure during the cleaning process don’t let any of your fingerprints in your new screen new when installed.

4. Install the New Screen

Removing the adhesive strips that surround the edge of the new screen. Give heat to these strips slightly with the help of a hairdryer. Place the new screen in the proper location and make sure it is perfectly aligned. Press and set the edges of the screen with the cleaning cloth to properly attach the adhesive.

5. Final Steps

After the new screen is correctly set, remove the plastic protecting cover screen. Put edges in another round of heat from the hairdryer. Use the cloth again to press around the edges carefully. Hurray!  Your new screen is now installed!

Final words

While most accidents cost you cheap and are fixable, what to do if you need the Macbook pro screen replacement? Is going to the Apple Store the only option you have left in your pocket?  Not quite. We at Esource Parts can fix your Macbook screen so cheap. Do not wait more and check out our site for great deals and hot offers on Macbook screen replacement, Samsung tablet battery replacement, iPod battery replacement, and Nintendo switch battery replacement in Canada. As we know for the quality product, fastest repair process, good warranty and many more are done with it!

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