E-commerce delivery franchise opportunities in India

Delivering packages is like delivering happiness to the doors. The e-commerce business is one of those businesses which is expanding and growing over time. So, if you are looking for e-commerce delivery franchise opportunities in India, I have the list of top franchises and the reason why you should not leave this opportunity.

The first thing you should do before buying a franchise is to register your business by applying for company registration. So that you can get your business GST number easily and avail various tax benefits.

Top e-commerce delivery franchise opportunities in India



Franchise Cost – Starting from Rs.50,000/-

In India, DTDC empowers courier delivery services. DTDC/DTDC Express Limited, or Desk to Desk Courier & Cargo, is located in Bangalore and handles over 12 million shipments each month.

Most importantly, it was founded in 1990 and is one of the country’s oldest courier services. As a result, if you’re looking for a reputable courier service franchise, DTDC is a fantastic choice!


Franchise Cost – Starting from Rs.5,00,000/-

InXpress is a global shipping franchise company that provides small and medium-sized businesses with excellent carrier alternatives for both domestic and international shipping.

Moreover, it isn’t a shipping franchise for the general public. Industry-leading technology enables you to develop a flexible business with the support of a worldwide franchise system with InXpress shipping solutions.


Franchise Cost – Starting from Rs.10,000/-

Infrastructure – Starting from Rs. 60,000/-

Since its start in September 2015, Xpressbees has seen consistent development. Xpressbees hailed as one of the fastest-growing courier franchises, delivery, and express logistics service providers has seen revenue climb by nearly 100% year over year. Xpressbees is a Mumbai-based company that delivers 50,000 goods each day.


Franchise Cost – Starting from Rs.50,000/-

Delhivery has risen to the top of India’s supply chain services industry. It is the logistics industry’s backbone.

Through a combination of world-class infrastructure, high-quality logistics operations, and cutting-edge engineering and technology capabilities, Delhivery’s mission is to become India’s operating system for eCommerce.

Delhivery had entirely shifted its focus to providing logistics services to several e-commerce businesses. It is a major B2B and B2C logistic courier service provider in India.

Blue Dart

Franchise Cost – Starting from Rs.2,00,000/-

Blue Dart, or Blue Dart Express, is a subsidiary of DHL and DHL Express (Singapore) Pte Ltd. It was established in 1983. Blue Dart is a logistics company based in India that specialises in courier and delivery services.

Blue Dart Aviation, a cargo airline subsidiary of the excellent delivery franchise, is named after the exemplary delivery business.

Ekart (Flipkart)

Franchise Cost – Starting from Rs. 1,50,000/-

Ekart, a Flipkart subsidiary, closely associates with the brand and is under Instakart Services Pvt. Ltd. Ekart was formed in 2009 and was acquired from WS Retail Services by Flipkart.

When it comes to its courier service franchise, the company is as reliable as Flipkart itself. Ekart claims to deliver over 10 million shipments each month, with Flipkart accounting for roughly 85% of all orders.


Franchise Cost – Starting from Rs.10,000/-

SpreadWings is the only company that provides a fantastic platform for young entrepreneurs with limited cash and also works to train them. SpreadWings Courier & Cargo is a renowned company that provides door-to-door courier, cargo, and international shipping services to its valued customers.

It has established itself as India’s and the world’s lone courier cargo service provider. It’s a goal to be the world’s most technologically advanced and customer-focused courier and logistics company.

SpreadWings Courier & Cargo meets the needs of customers that require time-sensitive or recurrent services.

Pick Me Express

Franchise Cost – Starting from Rs.10,000/-

Pick Me Express relies on its daily delivery of time-sensitive consignments and deliveries to stay in business. Pick Me Express’s success is based on the abilities and common aims that each member of their team shares.

It has extensive senior-level experience in operations, key account management, sales, and business growth in the logistics industry. This franchise is committed to providing great service to every customer.

Just Delivery

Franchise Cost – Starting from Rs.2,00,000/-

Just Delivery is a logistics company known for providing transportation, packers and movers, loading, unloading, car transportation, and other services to consumers all around the country.

Customers are said to come from over 2000 firms with whom they cooperate, as well as individuals that approach the company.

Super Fast Logistics

Franchise Cost – Starting from Rs. 2,00,000/-

Super Fast Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is a logistics services specialist. It offers not only domestic and international mail services, but also specialised value-added services such as warehousing, letter shopping, and fulfilment, variable data printing, and integrated corporate solutions such as mailroom management solutions, digitization, and archiving services.

Super Fast Logistics courier has highly experienced and skilled individuals on staff, all of them are dedicated to providing individualised service to their customers.

With e-commerce purchasing at an all-time high and no indications of slowing down, it’s a good idea to start looking into e-commerce delivery franchise opportunities in India as soon as possible. We hope this list helps you decide where to begin!

MAX Courier

Franchise Cost – Starting from Rs.50,000/-

MAX courier franchise is a delivery franchise that specialises in ecommerce, document, and parcel delivery, among other things. Max Courier, which has over 750 stores across India, began operations in 2014 and began franchising three years later in 2017.

Advantages of Franchising

1. Business support

The franchisee acquires business help from the franchisor, which is one of the benefits of franchising.

The franchisee may obtain almost a turnkey business process, depending on the requirements of the franchise arrangement and the structure of the organisation.

They might be given the label, the tools, the supplies, and the marketing approach—basically everything they need to operate the business.

2. Recognized brand

Brand awareness is a substantial benefit that franchisees obtain when they promote a franchise. Starting a business from the ground up would need you to create your label and customers from the ground up, which would take a while.

Franchises, on the other hand, are well-established enterprises with built-in consumer bases. People will automatically know what your business is, what you provide, and what they can anticipate if you create a franchise with this identifiable logo.

3. A lower rate of failure

Franchises, on average, have a lower failure rate than sole proprietorship. When a franchisee purchases a franchise, they are joining a strong brand as well as a network that will provide them with assistance and advice, reducing the likelihood of them going out of business.

Furthermore, because franchisees have already established their business model, you can be confident that the items or services you’ll be delivering will be in demand.

4. Earning Profits

Franchises, on average, make more money than individually owned firms. Most franchises have well-known brands that attract a large number of clients.

Profits increase as a result of this popularity. Even franchises with a high franchise fee require a high initial investment to obtain a good return on investment.

5. A pre-existing consumer base

Finding consumers is one of the most difficult tasks for any new business. Franchises, on the other hand, come with an established brand and a dedicated clientele.

Even if you’re building the first franchise location in a small town, chances are that potential customers have heard of the brand through television ads or travel to other cities.


These are the top e-commerce delivery franchise opportunities in India. They have seen high growth and increased demand as people have started shopping more on online platforms rather than visiting the market.

So, if you are planning to start a business in cities like mumbai, chennai, etc. then go for private limited company registration in Mumbai or Chennai for the franchise business.



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