During the holiday season Rocket League will be bringing back content that is themed after Batman

According to the official Rocket League website, Rocket League players will be treated to a Halloween event themed around Batman and his rogue’s gallery, which will also be available in vehicle form.

On October 31st, 2021, Psyonix will host the Halloween 2021 event in Rocket League, which will be the first time the game has ever celebrated the holiday. Players will be able to enjoy some classic cars as well as some new limited-time themed events, each of which will be based on a different comic book hero, when the new Haunted Hallows event launches on October 14. Rocket League, also known as “soccer with cars,” is a video game in which players drive around in automobiles, similar to soccer.

When it comes to Halloween celebrations, Rocket League is no stranger, as evidenced by the return of the annual Haunted Hallows limited-time event, which takes place every October. A collaboration between Warner Bros. and DC Comics will see the game decked out in a slew of Batman-themed pc rocket league prices and modes, all of which will be available to collect throughout the duration of the promotional period.


Rocket League players will be faced with challenges throughout the course of the Haunted Hallows Event, with the winning team receiving supervillain-themed Rocket League item trading prices (go to the website to buy produts) such as some Joker and Gotham’s best decals, Mr. Freeze wheels, Harley Quinn wheels and topper, and a lift themed after Poison Ivy, among other things. As part of the update, Rocket League added a new Rumble mode, which is decked out in the Gotham aesthetic and features power-ups based on the Batman comic book series. The game also added a new Rumble mode. The vines of Poison Ivy (which replace the mode’s grappling hook), the Joker’s boxing glove, Mr. Freeze’s Freezer shot, and Harley Quinn’s signature hammer (which replaces the mode’s boot) are among the weapons available in this reimagining of the character. A brand new, limited-time arena for Beckwith Park, which has been taken over by Gotham’s supervillains, will also be included in the Gotham Evenings variant. This arena will only be available for a brief period of time before it is closed.

Anyone who logs in during the Rocket League Haunted Hallows event will be eligible to receive a free Dark Knight Player Title as a thank you for taking part. Nevertheless, as of November 1, all of these iconic Gotham landmarks will be lost to the mists of time.

  • If you’re a fan of the classic Batman film from 1989, you can expect to see the classic Batmobile from that film, as well as the Tumbler from Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and the Batmobile from the animated series Batman: The Animated Series
  • These vehicles will all be available for purchase through Rocket League’s on-demand online store
  • In addition to the three Bat Sign aim explosions, the player will be able to obtain three Bat Signal image display explosions, each of which will display the Bat Signal image from one of three different eras, during the course of the game
  • It is possible to purchase a Batman Halloween Bundle, which includes all of the Batmobiles and aim explosions, for 2,000 credits, which includes everything from the Batman video game and includes everything from the Batman game


The cost of each Decal will be 300 Credits per piece for those who already own the batmobiles, and they will be available for purchase at the time of release. Each of the three Bat-Signal Goal Explosions will cost a total of 500 Credits when they are released, and they will be available for purchase separately as well.

Starting on October 14, players will be able to take part in the Haunted Hallows event in Rocket League, which will run until November 1. In addition to the PC, Rocket League is also available on a number of other platforms, including the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and the Xbox One S.

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