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Download and Update HP LaserJet Pro M404n Printer Driver

HP is a popular multinational hardware industry that manufactures and distributes various advanced gadgets and related software. You can set the HP printer to PC and take the printouts reliably. For connecting the HP LaserJet Pro M404n Printer to the PC; the user requires a driver. Without this driver, your printer can’t communicate with the PC. After the printer connection; the user should check for the driver immediately. If the PC doesn’t have the driver then install it and then configure your printer.

Downloading and Installing HP LaserJet Pro M404n Printer Driver

Users can get the driver for their printer from the web. But you also get a driver’s CD along with the printer. If you need the printer on a PC device that has a disc drive then use the CD. Open the disc drive and insert the CD. Run the HP Printer driver setup on the PC. The setup will be installed and the user can then access the printer easily. For devices with no disc drive, get the HP printer setup from the web.

  1. Go to the HP printer website
  2. Search for printer drivers
  3. Choose driver for HP LaserJet Pro M404n
  4. Choose the setup for your OS 
  5. Hit on the Download button
  6. After the setup download, go to the Downloads folder
  7. Select the setup and run on the device

After installing your HP driver, connect the PC and try taking the printouts.

Updating HP LaserJet Pro M404n Printer Driver

Like other programs, your HP LaserJet Printer also requires a regular update. The new update provides new features and also fixes the issues on the old setup. Whenever the new update for the HP printer driver appears then install it immediately.

  1. Close all apps on the device
  2. Check the internet connection
  3. Go to Device Manager
  4. Users will get available devices
  5. Right-click on HP LaserJet Pro M404n
  6. Hit on Update Driver
  7. It will start the search for driver update

Follow the screen and your printer driver will get updated. Now restart the PC and then access the printer with your updated printer driver reliably.

Error in Installing or Updating HP LaserJet Pro M404n Printer Driver 

Many times users face error codes while installing or updating the setup. The process interrupts and the user can’t get the HP printer driver setup on his system. You should check common issues and then repair them for installing the driver.

Check the Internet Connection

Driver installing issues mainly appear when the setup is not downloaded correctly. Without the correct driver, your setup won’t install and start showing the error. Download the setup for the HP driver when the internet is stable. Once you get the correct setup for the driver; install it on the device and now you can configure the printer easily.

Check Driver Name Correctly

For CD installation, you can directly copy the setup and install it. But when you can download the setup from the web; check the name correctly. Every model of HP printer will have a different driver. While downloading, check the model name and OS twice. Download the setup and then use your PC without any error. 

Check Printer Memory

Sometimes after updating the driver; the printer starts showing errors. This can occur when the memory can’t read the changes. Check for Supply Memory Error on HP Printers. Try removing pending jobs. When the printer memory is empty, reconfigure the printer to your PC and then check for driver-related errors.

Remove Junk from the PC

Before the user installs any setup on PC; he should check the junk files. These files often conflict while installing the driver. Open the computer and then inspect for all the junk files. Go to the C drive and check for folders of uninstalled programs. Remove all the unused files from the computer. For removing all junk files from the system at once, try the Windows cleaning tool.

You can run Windows cleanmgr utility tool on the PC. It will inspect all the files which seem junk. Users will see a list with various file names. Choose the junk and remove all of them from the system. After cleaning the PC, go to the HP printer driver setup and install it on your system.

Scan your Computer for Viruses

Viruses can lead to both installing and updating issues. Whenever you can get any printer driver error; check for malware. Open your PC and run the antivirus. Use a full scan feature that can remove all the malware infections. After deleting the junk, go to the printer driver and install it on the system. 


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