Different Tricks For Doing Math Quickly

STEM is the most frequent word that we hear in business and education circles. It denotes the terms Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. And your online Math tutor can help you in learning STEM without any complications.

Believe it or not, Math scares many students with its complicated formulas, equations, and calculations. But learning techniques in tuition or class can help you to make the subject easier. Here in this article, we are going to enlist the different tricks for doing Math quickly. But before that take a quick look at the importance and benefits of studying Math.

Importance Of Math

It is not wrong to say that Math is the core of success. It would not be easier for a country to succeed without practitioners having a solid mathematics foundation. Because Engineering, Science, and Technology are so important for the future.

You may know that Mathematics can give you the ability to learn and think logically. Mathematics is very important for everyday usage. And its benefits can be seen in different hidden ways, such as airplanes, computers, software, coding, body scanners, and much more. Many parents opt for extra tuition to make their child learn.

Benefits Of Studying Math

Brain development

Juggling with Math equations helps your brain to think more and stay creative. Math plays an important role in having analytical and creative skills.

Students learning mathematics will be able to reach the most logical solutions. You will be able to set your mind to solving real problems. They can look for the best logic, review the potential solutions and compare the information we have to reach the conclusion.”

Better problem-solving skills

More competency in Math or solving equations can and studying seriously can better problem-solving skills. Mathematics allows you to solve real-life problems in the easiest way.

If you are a student of Mathematics, you will develop better systems for learning the ways to resolve real-world issues.

Help In Boosting Your Career

A better understanding of Mathematics, and its complexities, help to boost every career.

According to the American Mathematical Society, a career-focused on mathematics provides many opportunities. Also, it helps to enhance or build important work in the business, sciences, manufacturing, finance, engineering, and communications.”

We have enlisted a few career opportunities to benefit from a Mathematics degree. It includes:

  • Computer programmers
  • Engineers
  • Statisticians
  • Actuaries
  • Math tutor
  • Business managers, etc.

All the above-listed fields demand one thing that is a strong developed skill set in Mathematics. Your online Math tutor can help you in building your mind and makes you more creative.

How To Learn Math Fast

We know everyone is not a master at juggling digits, but it is not challenging as it looks. These simple math tricks will make problem-solving a piece of cake! Math tricks mentioned here will help you in solving Math in less time and with more accuracy.

Now let’s spot focus on 10 strategies to make math easier.

1. Multiply by 11

If you want to solve 68 x 11. Will you be able to solve this in less than 10 seconds? Maybe your answer is no. That is because you might not be aware of one easy trick for multiplication by 11.

Multiplying by 11 Math trick goes like this:

  • Suppose there is a problem such as N x 11. Next is the following easy trick:
  • The last digit of your answer will be the 2nd digit of N.
  • And the middle digit of your answer is the last digit of the addition of both digits of N.
  • The initial digit of the answer is the initial digit of N also, the carry if there is one.


Now it is time to take an example of 68×11.

8 is the last digit

4 is the middle digit. The sum of 68 is 5 + 8 = 13.

First digit: 6 + 1 = 7. Note that we already have a carry. As in the last step, we saw that the sum of the digits of N is bigger than 10.

So, in conclusion, the answer of 68 x 11 = 738

2. Addition of large digits

You may find it tough to add large numbers in your head. So, you can simplify by just making all the numbers a multiple of 10.

For instance:

  • Multiply by 9

844 + 438

These numbers are difficult to solve, so let’s round them up. To make them manageable, we will round 844 to 850, and 438 becomes 440.

Add 850 and 440; the answer will be 1290.

850 – 844 = 6 and 440 – 438 = 2

Add 6 and 2 so the answer will be 8.

Now to find the exact answer, subtract 8 from 1290.

1290 – 8 = 1282

The final answer will be 1282.

  • Multiply by 99 will be the same as (100-1)

27 multiplied by 99

= 27 (100-1)

= 2700 – 27 = 2673

3. Large Numbers Multiplication If One Is Even

To solve problems faster this trick has got you covered! While multiplying large numbers, when one number is even. Start by dividing the first number in half, and double the second number.

For example:

50 x 250

Step 1: Divide 50 by 2, which equals 25. Double 250, which equals 500.

Step 2: Multiply your two answers together.

So, 25 x 500 = 12,500

The answer to 30 x 150 is 12,500

4. Subtraction from 1000

Here is a basic trick to subtract a large number from 1,000. start with subtracting every number instead of the last from 9. then subtract the final number from 10

Let’s take an example:

1,000 – 446

1st Step: Subtract 4 from 9 = 5

2nd Step: Subtract 4 from 9 = 5

3rd Step: Subtract 6 from 10 = 4

The answer is 455.

If you are studying from an online Math tutor then he/she can train you in solving equations easily.

5. Trick for division

Have a look at the ways to understand when a number can be divided by these particular numbers:

  • If the number ends with 0 then, by 10.
  • 9 when the digits are added together, and the total is evenly divisible by 9.
  • When the last three digits are evenly divisible by 8 or are 000, then by 8.
  • The answer will be divisible by 6 if it’s an even number.
  • If the number ends with 0 or 5 then, by 5.
  • If the number ends with 00 or a 2-digit number, which can be evenly divisible by 4 then, it can be divided by 4.
  • When digits are added together, then by 3.
  • If the number ends with 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8, then by 2.

6. Finding Percentage

You may find it difficult to find the percentage of a number. But having the right tricks can make it easy to understand.

For example:

To check out what the 5% of 235 is? You can stick to this method:

1st Step: Put the decimal before the last digit. 235 will become 23.5.

2nd Step: Divide 23.5 by 2. Your answer will be 11.75.

And this is the answer to the original equation.

7. Square Of Two-digit

To solve the problem in a few seconds follows the steps given here.

For example:

If you want to estimate the square of 56.

1st step: Sum up the last digits of a number you want to square. So we have 56+6= 72.

2nd Step: Multiply the result (Step 1) by the first digit of the base number. Our result is 62 times 5, which is equal to 310.

3rd Step: Square the last digit of the base number. We will get 62 = 36.

4th Step 4: Add the square number (Step 3) to the result determined above (Step 2).

Therefore, the answer will be 3136.

8. Multiplying 5 Times By a Number

If you are multiplying 5 by a number, then there is a trick to solve.

For instance, 5 x 6 =?

1st Step: Select the number being multiplied by 5. And cut it into half, which makes the number 6 become the number 3.

2nd Step: Then add a zero to the last for finding the right answer. In this case, your answer will be 30.

5 x 6 = 30

The Final Words

In conclusion, we can say learning a Foreign language is equal to learning Mathematics. Proofs, Equations, theorems, and complicated mathematical problems demand accuracy. Once you understand the mathematical concept, it will help you to work with fluency.

If you practice these quick math tricks, it can help online Math tutors, teachers and students to improve their skills. Also, to enrich their knowledge of mathematics. We hope this article might help you to solve Math equations easily within a short period of time. Maths is not rocket science so find a good Math tutor for kids.

Mathematics is a universal language!

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