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Develop an all-in-one platform that vests multiple applications with the Gojek clone script

Until a few decades ago, only a few people would venture into starting a business. The hesitation behind starting a business is mainly funding and resources. But as of the current times, many are indulging themselves in business ventures rather than being monthly-salaried employees. Also, nowadays, there is an avenue of opportunities for entrepreneurs to kick-start their businesses. So, this whole blog will be on different startup ideas for entrepreneurs like you.

Top smashing startup ideas that you can consider

  • Bike rental

The bike rental business has started taking leaps and bounds as people prefer slender vehicles like bikes so that they can easily glide through the traffic congestion. Through the app, users can select the type of bike they want and also enter the rental timings. Based on the availability of bikes and time, you can confirm the user’s request. Of course, the rent will be based on the hours of rent.

  • Goods exchange and reselling

This is an excellent platform that lets users exchange their unused products with those who are in need. Most importantly, during natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, many people lose their belongings and seek help. In those times, people who are willing to help can make use of your platform to exchange their used products.

One of the best starup ideas is the development of a reselling platform. Many reselling platforms have been used by people. One of the most popular platforms is Meesho, where users can buy products for them or even resell the products to their friends/families.

  • Travel booking app

People love exploring different parts of the world and make memories that they can cherish for their whole lives. So, you can develop an aggregator app for booking accommodation for travelers. Apart from keeping the app just for booking, you can make it more of a social media. But, how? You can develop a space where travelers can upload their photos, share their travel experiences, and even give reviews about their accommodation. So, all this information would be useful to those who wish to travel and book through your app.

  • Navigation assistance app for blind people

With a navigation app for blind people, you can help them in moving from one place to another safely. Basically, the users will have to install the app, open the app and keep the smartphone facing the road. The camera will detect the route and caution users to move in the right direction. This app would really be a savior for blind people and even for older people.

  • Social media aggregator app

Nowadays, people are developing more affinity for social media networks. There are extremists who are rigorously active in almost every social media. Make it simple for them by developing a social media aggregator app that will condense different social media apps into a single app. This will be highly beneficial for users as they can see posts, statuses, and stories of different social media from the single app. Again, this will save their phone’s storage space.

  • Neighborhood app

Are you familiar with the Nextdoor app? If not, here is what you need to know about the Nextdoor app. It is one of the startup ideas that comes with an online platform that brings together people of the same locality or neighborhood. Through this platform, users can interact with neighbors, local businesses can expose themselves to the users, and also recruit talents. 

For example, if any of the users are organizing an event or a meetup and wish to invite their neighbors, they can easily do it through the app. They can post the name of the event, venue/timings and send bulk invitations to the users. 

  • Online fitness coaching

As always, people are conscious about their health and seek help from fitness trainers. As of now, the pandemic situation has forced the shutdown of gyms and other fitness centers. So, many fitness trainers have started rolling out online fitness sessions, and people are finding it easy to maintain their fitness through the instructions and training given over skype or other online platforms. Similar to online educational classes, fitness training classes are also gaining popularity. So, it is one great idea to consider developing a platform for fitness freaks.

  • Pet care services

Make the job of pet owners easy by developing an on-demand app that is exclusively for pet care products and consultations. Similar to the e-commerce platform, through this pet care platform, you can sell various pet care products and also hire veterinary doctors to provide consultation to the pets. Pet owners will definitely love this platform as they can order products as well as get a consultation from the single app.

  • Image editor 

There is a bunch of image editing software available in the Play Store. The image editing software helps users to enhance the quality of the image by applying different kinds of filters and frames. The biggest reason behind users preferring image editing apps is that they can upload their enhanced images on the different social media apps. So, developing image editing software will be attractive for users. 

  • Movie or lyrics recognition software

We all might have come across this scenario where we would remember only a few lines of a song and couldn’t guess the name of the song. We all are aware of the Google Hummingbird software, which lets users find their favorite songs just by humming. Once the user hums the song, Google will match it with the relevant song. Simply great! 

  • Plant breed detector app

Have you ever seen a plant growing in your garden and couldn’t find the breed of that plant? It happens. You can develop a plant breed recognition software that detects the breed. Users will have to capture the image of the plant and upload it on the app. Based on that image, the app will specify the plant’s breed. 


I hope all these startup ideas will be really inspiring for you. If you wish to develop an all-in-one platform, then you can go for the Gojek clone script. Yes, the Gojek clone will let you add different apps to a single platform so that users will find it easy. Also, you can reach out to the audience quickly.

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