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Detailed Guide about Aluplast – uPVC Doors

Aluplast is a brand that has been in the market for over 30 years; it was started by a family. They are global manufacturers. The products (mostly uPVC doors and window systems) designed by Aluplast are very innovative, well-known, and are adopted worldwide. The company was launched in 2008 and today it is a well-integrated business.

Aluplast started as a small business but their niche and their quality products made them reign the market. Generally, the market has segments based on the products sold or quality, or the cost. Aluplast’s notion has always been to stick to the quality and designing excellent products. Although the sales volume is not always touching the peak as the Indian market is cost-sensitive.

Each year Aluplast uPVC India introduces 5 to 6 new systems that are technically advanced too. They also train people who already have some prior experience.

Features of Aluplast Products

The products by Aluplast are:

  1. Energy efficient
  2. Slim profile suitable for delicate designs
  3. Technologically advanced
  4. Great sound insulation
  5. Thermal insulation
  6. Low energy cost
  7. Good for interior and outward appearance
  8. Outstanding quality and Innovation
  9. Durable
  10. Certified

There are many patents of Aluplast in India; Aluskin is an innovation. The products are Made-in-Germany and developed for the Indian climate and avoid discolourations of the profiles and are 100% free of lead and other harmful chemicals. The products also do not affect natural resources

Advantages of the Products by Aluplast

When installing windows, one’s expectations are to have a clean, lively room filled with bright sunlight and fresh air. By window installation, a person also expects less noise from the environment and less dust accumulation.

Design-wise windows will have some technicalities to consider and has some limitations. Aluplast also provides special windows especially large-size sliding systems that are needed by architects in their high-end projects. Aluplast focuses more on performance than aesthetics.

Installation is one step for the efficient performance of windows to make the most of it. Windows have to be water-resistant and airtight; they should insulate the inside of a home from the weather changes. Aluplast provides the entire system (windows and gaskets) needed during installation which makes it superior in quality.

uPVC Windows by Aluplast

People are being comparatively slow in adopting any change or a new system. Especially, in India, cheaper products are faster selling whereas in Europe people go for the quality.

Coastal areas have moderate temperatures but sometimes the heat is unbearable; so, people have opted for air conditioning. Mostly, air conditioners run 24×7 in these areas. Here, people still opt for wooden windows and are ready for change. But in areas other than that, air conditioners are used for 4 months, that is, during summers but not in other seasons.

There is a 5-S principle that Aluplast follows: Safety, Security, Solar, Sound, and Sustainability. How much noise enters your home is defined by Acoustics and as you already know, it is very critical now especially with the lockdowns and works from home and online classes coming into the picture.

Earlier, glasses were considered for having better acoustics but the role of frames is also important to have a better performance.

More to know about Aluplast

Aluplast guides the fabricators to use glass and steel of optimum thickness and high-quality hardware. Starting from PVC to even the screws everything is included in the system provided by them because even the tiniest part installed should be perfect.

To hold the system, proper groove systems are needed so nothing moves. Proper technical knowledge on fixing the system is of utmost importance. There are different products available in the market ranging from reflective glass to coated glass. We have all the options available from which the clients can choose.


Even though European brands are entering India, they tend to downgrade the quality to match the local standards (to make the cost of the products effective). But that is not the case with Aluplast; they never compromise on the quality even if the sales may not be a hit.

The main challenge now is that the salespersons are not aware of the products they are selling; also, the architects may not be well aware of the recent products or advancements in technology. The customers or users have to be educated on the available systems.

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