Designer Saree for Farewell Party to Look Attractive

Are you confused over which is the best saree for farewell party to get the pitch-perfect look? In this blog we have jotted down the list of trendy sarees for your farewell party look.

If people are asked about the most memorable day of their student life, most of them are likely to name the farewell party. Farewell parties have always been a big deal and so everyone wishes to look their absolute best on this day. Girls wearing a saree for farewell party while boys dressing up in tuxedo suits, everyone is competing to win the title of the king and queen of the night.

For the majority of girls, a farewell party means they get to wear a saree for the first time ever. This is what makes the event a hundred times more special. From using your mother’s dupatta to wrap around yourself and pretending to be wearing a saree to wearing an actual saree for the first time feels like a dream come true.

As exciting as it may sound, choosing a stylish saree for farewell party if you have never worn it before is much more challenging than one can expect it to be. There are many things that one should consider before buying a saree such as the fabric, design, and color.

If, like most first-time saree wearers, you too are confused and can’t seem to make a decision over what type of saree you should wear, read this article before you make up your mind to explore your options for a saree for farewell party in college or in school.

Saree Ideas for Farewell Party

  • Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon sarees are ideal to be worn in hot weather. Plus, they are a perfect saree choice for young girls as they make you look fresh and fashionable. The fabric is lightweight and is easy to carry for someone who has never worn a saree before.

Chiffon sarees are one of the most common and most loved sarees among Asian women because of the variety in designs, colors, and patterns. It also gives a fantastic drape making it the best choice for many.

Even though you can find millions of designs and colors in chiffon sarees, the best option for you might be a floral printed chiffon saree as they look gorgeous on young women. Pair it up with a plain blouse and minimal jewelry to look exceptionally good.

  • Satin Sarees

If you desire to look beautiful as well as extremely unique at your farewell, satin sarees may be your best option since they are a bit expensive so there are very few chances of girls wearing them. A plain satin saree paired up with a designer blouse will make you stand out in the crowd.

Moreover, since the fabric is lightweight like chiffon it is suitable for summers and will help you remain cool. Wearing this saree will make you look really attractive and beautiful so make sure to consider a satin saree for farewell party.

  • Plain Sarees

For a more decent and sophisticated look, go for plain sarees. If you plan to dress up soberly and not too fancily, this is the right choice for you. You can wear a plain saree made out of any fabric like chiffon, linen, georgette, or silk.

A better option would be to wear the plain saree with a printed blouse. But, if you wish to stay away from prints, you can always go for plain but embroidered blouses. A full-sleeved blouse with heavy embroidery on the sleeves and the neckline will look fabulous.

You can also wear plain sarees with a fancy border. This will keep your overall look decent but yet fancy enough for a farewell party. Wear the saree with heavy jhumkas and high heels to complete your look perfectly.

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  • Printed Sarees

Printed sarees never go out of fashion. Even though over time there are variations in designs and patterns, the trend of printed sarees tends to remain static.

Like mentioned above, printed sarees are the best for young girls since they are a perfect representation of their age. Plain sarees are often preferred by older women and so they are mostly associated with them.

For a fancier look, you can go for printed sarees with embroidery on the borders. Also you can pair it up with an embroidered blouse. Wear matching jewelry and keep your make-up soft to ensure a flawless look at your farewell party.

  • Lace Sarees

Lace sarees are yet another option for girls who want to look both unique and beautiful at their farewell party. These sarees can be expensive too but they are totally worth it. Since farewell parties usually happen in summers, this is another ideal saree fabric for the hot weather.

Clothing articles made out of lace or net fabric cannot be worn without a lining but in the case of sarees, there is no need for another layer of clothing since sarees are already worn over a blouse and petticoat. This is what makes these sarees very cool for summers as they don’t trap the heat.

Buy a lace saree in pastel colors and pair it up with a white or fawn-colored blouse. Wear silver jewelry along with it to complete your look and you will be amazed when you see your reflection in the mirror.

  • Metallic Sarees

Farewell parties are commonly organized at night so metallic sarees are one of the best options. This will help you attract all eyes towards you on this special event. These sarees are made out of usual fabrics like cotton and silk but their borders or pallu are metallic giving off a very glossy and shimmery look.

Metallic sarees are perfect for fancy occasions like weddings and farewell parties. Go for dark colors like black, grey, royal blue, and emerald green if you choose to wear a metallic saree. These colors look exceptionally good in metallic sarees.

All of these options of saree for farewell party are not only beautiful and perfect for an occasion like a farewell, but they are also trending in the fashion industry so if you decide to wear any of the saree mentioned in the list, you will definitely be among the most stylishly and fashionably dressed girls in the party.

You can find these designer sarees for farewell party easily in the market and in a huge variety so ensure you have a type of saree and its color in mind before you go shopping to making the choosing process easy and time-saving!

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