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Cues for earning money as India lockdown extended

Presently, the covid-19 pandemic is adversely affecting the lives of many people. Their lives have become a burden for them. Lockdown has specially added woe to their life. Indeed, it is true that keeping in mind the severity of the situation, some of the lockdowns are extremely necessary for our country. But, it is equally noteworthy that the covid-19 lockdowns are snatching the earnings of several people. As the India lockdown extended, it is making them sit at their homes.


No doubt, this is increasing frustration in the lives of many people. It is even more depressing for them to listen to the news that the India lockdown extended for some more days or months.


Most people spend several hours on TV and newspaper watching for India lockdown news. They hope for some improvements in the situation every day, which has become an issue of the dream.


Like those people, if you are blaming your fate for the covid-19 lockdown and your joblessness, then stop being disheartened. The good news is that there are some ways through which you can earn money even in this situation and also make yourself engaged in some kinds of work. Moreover, there is an additional privilege to it. You can attain this money by functioning from your residence for only a few hours. So, let us proceed with the tips:


1.What about doing some content writing as the lockdown in India is now extended?


Instead of searching for “lockdown in India latest news” in Google, and discouraging yourself, encourage yourself by starting content writing. If you have a base in English and can write good English, you can do this job and earn money from home. You merely have to remember that your content must be unique and 100 ℅ plagiarism-free. It must be well-researched. As you gain experience in this field over time and learn SEO, you can earn even more with your writing. You may also open your blog, write content there and get your earnings from internet trafficking by placing proper keywords.


2.As the scope for work from the office is now limited, start typing or join other remote-based freelance jobs:

The second way of earning from the convenience of your home is through typing or other freelancing jobs. As other office-based jobs are limited now due to the extension of lockdown in India, you may try these jobs. You can apply online for virtual assistant jobs,telecalling jobs, or other remote-based jobs. You solely require a laptop or computer, a smartphone, and an internet connection with you. Nothing other than these is wanted.

3.Want to make YouTube videos and earn amidst the lockdown in India? Learn the process from Youtube itself!


Many people earn lakhs of rupees per month by just posting their YouTube videos. You may be one of them. You only have to formulate unique and attractive content for that. Make your content appealing to the audience. That’s all. Try to get people’s support in the form of their likes, comments, and subscriptions for your YouTube channel. The popularity of your YouTube channel and the support of people will help you earn more money. So, never get frustrated as India lockdown extended. Try your luck.


4.Register yourself to teaching apps and teach online to students as the lockdown in Indian states has widened :


There are many teaching apps available that arrange a virtual meet between the students and the teachers. The teachers teach their students over the net with the help of these apps. You only have to present the proof of an online teaching degree before joining as a teacher in these apps. It not only increases your experience as a teacher but also satisfies your pocket at the time of lockdown.

5.Don’t just sit! Begin your own digital business and remain engaged in the lockdown :


Nowadays, some websites or apps offer you the opportunity to start an online business. You may visit such sites, and after signing up there, you may open your online shop. These websites or apps offer any of their online products at a wholesale price. You may purchase from them and sell the products through your online shop at a rate of your own choice after retaining your margin. These kinds of business will always run in profit if you possess the ability to attract customers. So, utilize your time at home and try out your hand in some business, as India lockdown extended.


6.Ever felt like attempting affiliate marketing after receiving the news that Indian lockdown has extended?


Today, an affiliate marketer’s career prospect is growing high. With the magic of their affiliate marketing skills, people can earn a lot of income by sitting at their houses. Many are attaining online webinars for training purposes. They are also investing their money in it. These webinars are educating them on the process of earning revenue through affiliate marketing. As there is now no option for any job at the office, invest your homebound time to make your fortune. Be ready to learn and start the business of affiliate marketing.




Therefore, many remote-based jobs are available today in the market and can be continued even in the situation of lockdown. So instead of wasting your time on India lockdown news, invest your time in any of these jobs. By doing so, you can earn your livelihood sitting at your own home and get satisfaction in your life.

– by Mousumi Mukherjee

Mousumi Mukherjee

Hello! myself Mousumi Mukherjee, from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I am a freelance writer. Writing is my passion and recently, I have also taken it as my profession. Willing to share many informative and attractive blogs with you...

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