Creative Pet Beds

This post is dedicated for the ones who have pets and are looking for a creative and cheap idea for a pet´s bed! It´s sure that you can find lots of kinds of beds Creative Pet Beds

for your pet in the market nowadays but Names That Mean Death

if you are out of money or if you want something original and

more creative than that common fabric beds you came to the right post! We are going to present you some nice DIY ideas to build a comfortable Creative Pet Beds and lovely bed for your pet using recyclable objects and a lot of creativity!

Old Monitors

They are perfect for cats or small dogs! If you have a broken computer monitor somewhere in your home you can transform it in a cozy place for your pet sleep. First you need to remove everything inside it. You can give a nice paint to it, glue some decoration or use it in the original style, this is up to you! Now it is only put a soft pillow or cushion inside it and wait for your pet´s sleep time! They will love this! Creative Pet Beds

Old Suitcases

If you have bigger pets you can use an old suitcase to make a bed for them.

Choose a suitcase that is big enough (it doesn´t matter if it is an old style or modern one) and fill it with a large and soft pillow.

You can use only half of the suitcase or let the upper part open, but remember to fasten it somewhere or it can close on your pets and hurt them.

If you want, you can add some legs to the suitcase to make the bed a bit higher. Now you have an elegant and creative place for your pet sleep!

Old Bedside Table

Yes! Bedside tables can also give a nice bed for your pet! How? It´s only turn them upside down! You will have a beautiful and elegant four-poster bed for your pet! Give it a nice and colorful paint and put a comfortable pillow in it!

Your pet will look like a member of the royal family sleeping in this charming bed! If your bedside table has a drawer you can keep some pet´s stuff in it as their toys, clothes and collar!

Old Wine Barrels

This option is the most difficult one since wine barrels are not a common thing to have at home.

However, if you know how to find one you can use it to make a huge and comfortable bed to your pet!

The best one for big dogs, this idea requires a bit of ability with woods as you will have to cut the barrel in the middle to transform it in a bed.

If the barrel wood haven´t been treated before it is important to varnish it to give a better look and make the bed more durable. Now is only put a big pillow inside it and call your pet to take Bed.

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