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Condo 101: Why it is a Better Home Investment

Are you planning to purchase a new home for yourself or your family? Well, you have to consider some factors that may affect the result of this decision-making. Your lifestyle and finances should be appropriate to the type of home you are going to buy. For example, if you are a single office worker who’s busy prioritizing careers and reaching specific dreams, a condo is the most suitable home style for you.

It may also apply to single parents, college students, newlyweds, or first-time homeowners because of several reasons and advantages. However, if you have a large number of family members, a house and lot are preferable more than condos. Nevertheless,  here are some of the reasons why condos are a better investment option than house & lot especially if you are one of those people mentioned above:


  1. A condo is more affordable compared to house & lot

Owning a condo is more inexpensive than buying a house and lot, especially when located inside Metro Manila. You can’t buy a house and lot in Metro Manila if only have one or two million. Sometimes, house and lot in residential areas with 100sqms cost 10 million. Searching for a house and lot that is spacious and ready to use with a small budget is like finding a needle in a haystack.

So, if you still do not have enough money to buy a house and lot in or outside Metro Manila, purchasing a condo is a good investment. It is way cheaper than a family-own house. You may also take note that some condos are even rent to own.

For instance, in Camella Manors, you can have a ready-to-use studio-type unit of 23. 76 sqm that starts from 3.4 M.  The price for a specific condo unit may vary depending on its square meters.  Nonetheless, purchasing a condo is ten times cheaper than having a family-own house. It is also easier to sell compared to a house & lot with yearly amnesty.

  1. Prime location is a best asset of a condo

In purchasing a new home, condos are preferable more than house and lot because of their location. Most of the condos that you can find were located in areas where you can easily access entertainment and business centers.

The offices, malls, and restaurants are only walking distance from the condominium’s compound which saves you from spending more time, money, and energy. It is one of the reasons why condos are a better option, especially if you are an office worker. However, if you are not a busy office worker, condos are still a better option for you or your family because it is located nearby essential establishments.

  1. Convenience is for a condo

Since condos are usually located in the heart of a progressive city, it also helps the condo owner to save more time and money. As everyone knows, having a large space or house costs higher bills. The electric and water consumption is said to be higher compared to those of a condo because houses tend to have bigger space which requires more budget for monthly bills.

For example, if you buy a house and lot, it is most likely that you will have more appliances that will result in expensive living. On the flip side, owning a condo is a better option than a house & lot because it has smaller spaces that save utility bills.

Furthermore, condos can help you to maximize your day by preventing you to be in the middle of heavy traffic. It is because, again, condos are usually located near offices and malls. So, you will no longer need to drive for work or groceries.

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  1. Less maintenance than the actual house & lot

Maintaining the overall appearance and functionality of a house requires a budget for maintenance. Having a house and lot will demand you to take care of its interior and exterior design. It will cost you more money than you expect.

However, if you live in a condo, you will only have to think of how to make your space more luxurious and pleasing because the exterior will be handled by the condominium’s company. Also, you do not need to allot more money for maintaining the garden or other facilities because it is already covered by your monthly association fees. You only need to pay the necessary amount mandated to the contract upon purchasing the condo unit.

  1. A condo have a tighter and high-tech security

Generally, condos have trained or professional security guards who patrol the area from time to time, especially during the night. They make sure that there will be no crimes, disturbances, or chaos throughout your stay in the condominium. Subsequently, it will make you feel more at ease and comfortable. Of course, securing the condo is not enough with only security guards because condos have high technologies.

After all, CCTVs were installed in every corner. It also has high fences and automated door locks. If you have a visitor, there will be a thorough check-up of his stuff. The guard may even ask him for a pass or the purpose of the visit. It is different from having a house & lot because there will be no security guards to guard the front of your home. Though, you may install CCTVs outside the house.


  1. Better views and breathable spaces

Purchasing a condo is like a ticket to a green and peaceful lifestyle. It means that condo owners are more likely to lead a less stressful life than house and lot owners. It is because condos are far from noise pollution, especially if the owner lives on higher floors.

Also, when the sun sets or rises, condo owners have a better view of these breathtaking moments. Even the city lights are visible once the moon shines. Overall, living in condos is better because you will not be exposed to different kinds of distractions and noise pollution.


  1. A condo have deluxe amenities & facilities

Condos are way better than house and lot in terms of their facilities and amenities. In the condominium, there are parking spaces, function halls, fitness gyms, and spas but in Camella Manors, you can also experience a resort-living stay because of its stunning swimming pool and green sceneries.

This is one of the main reasons why condominiums are a better option than house and lot because if you will be having all of these amenities in your house, this will result in a lavish lifestyle.

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