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Components and Functions of CCTV Cameras

Technology has brought massive success in the area of security and surveillance. The discovery of video surveillance systems dramatically contributes to the reduction of crime. Most interestingly, thieves and burglars often avoid stealing in an area when they notice a CCTV camera installed. CCTV cameras also serves as evidence of crimes and accidents in the monitored area and helps police track down the people behind the incident.

Components of CCTV Cameras

However, the function of a video surveillance system is simple, but its installation may be a little complicated, especially for beginners, because of the various components that compose it. The persons who have a minimum knowledge of the installation process can do it effectively. It is easy to end up with a faulty installation or a damaged camera if the building is poorly done. This article will help you to learn more about the different components that it has.

CCTV Security Cameras

Moreover, the camera is the most significant part of video surveillance. Therefore, notwithstanding whether you buy a dome camera, bullet camera, or PTZ camera, the camera specs determine the output you will get. Consequently, you should carefully note the camera specifications, such as the type of image sensor, camera resolution, minimum illumination, shutter time, lens, and viewing angle, sight and lens mount. These factors dramatically change the image quality and the coverage area of CCTV. Therefore, it is always best to consult a professional CCTV installation regarding the type of camera you need for your specific needs.

Cloud Storage

Recently some manufactures offer cloud subscriptions where users can watch and download the latest video footages by paying a recurring subscription fee. However, cloud subscription plans usually come with several days of looping storage, and they will overwrite videos beyond this time.

Some cameras possess a microSD card slot so users can store videos locally. There is no looping as long as there is enough space on the memory card to store the images. You cannot access locally stored video footage remotely.


The security DVR or digital video recorder is at the heart of a video surveillance installation. It receives, manages, stores, and records the videos captured by the cameras. Every DVR is not the same. The DVR is available in 4, 8 or 16 channel configurations. Each camera is connected to a channel. So it is essential to buy the DVR with the right number of channels to support all your cameras. DVRs also vary in terms of recording speeds, compression, storage, and warranty. It is essential to buy the DVR with a good warranty because CCTV is a long-term investment.

CCTV Cable

Video surveillance can be analog or IP. The cables can be RJ59 coaxial cable or CAT5 / CAT6 RJ45 cables, also known as Ethernet cables. Cables connect the camera to the DVR as well as the DVR to the monitor. You can also find Siamese CCTV cables. Siamese lines contain an RJ59 coaxial cable that connects the camera to the DVR and an 18-gauge 2-conductor power cable that supplies power to the camera from the SMPS power supply.

BNC Connectors

These connectors are attached to the cable terminals and connect the cable to the camera, DVR, and monitor. Depending on the type of camera, analog or IP, the BNC RJ59 or RJ45 connector is used.

Power Source

The power supply powers the cameras. This issue is, therefore, a crucial aspect to take into account. Power systems come in a single, 4, 8.16 camera configuration and typically have 24 VAC or 24 VDC specifications.

Who can see the video surveillance images in the enterprise?

Video surveillance allows the employees who are assigned by the employers only can see images in the enterprise. So basically, CCTV cameras not only provide people with security but also work to maintain secrecy. That is why the footages collected from CCTV cameras are not the object exposing to all.

Does video surveillance assist law-enforcing agencies?

It is pretty impossible to describe the contribution of CCTV cameras in deterring thieves and vandals. By collecting footage and images recorded by CCTV, cameras police can quickly identify the real criminals and vandals. Day by day, our dependence on technology increases in the investigation of various crimes, including murder-robbery, theft-robbery including the installation of CCTV cameras to deter criminals.

Why is a surveillance system significant in the conduct of investigation?

In the conduct of the investigation, the role of the surveillance system matters a lot. A security system is conducted to prevent a crime, achieve proof of a crime, and obtain evidence of misdeeds in a civil suit, moreover, to record con. 


(CCTV) cameras are the vanguard of a modern security system. It provides direct monitoring of the desired areas to prevent intruders from entering the restricted areas. Installed CCTV cameras in the premises of a home or business institution allow us to identify suspicious activity. Furthermore, these security cameras promptly can detect emergencies and investigate incidents. In addition, video analysis will help detect intruders, including connecting to an enterprise’s local network to steal important information.

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