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Cleansers vs Face Wash – A lasting debate

Introduction Cleansers vs Face Wash

Our face carries dirt, dust, sweat, oil, and impurities from the environment. These impurities, oils, and minerals accumulate on the skin. Hence, it is foremost essential to clean your face efficiently. A bar of ordinary bar soap can never beat, what cleansers vs face wash can do.

If these impurities are not removed from your skin, then they cause acne, pimples, breakouts, aging, and irritation. Our skin is super sensitive. That’s why it’s important to keep our skin hygiene. Following is a debate for cleanser vs face wash to help you figure out which one is better.

Every human has a different skin type. Therefore, some have oily skin, others have combinational. Some of them have dry and others have sensitive skin. There are thousands of skincare brands selling billions of face washes and cleansers.

You need to be very particular in choosing a face wash or cleanser. Similarly, if you choose the wrong face wash then it might damage your skin. Always choose according to your skin type.

Also, studies suggest, that bath soaps must not be used on your face. As the pH value of our skin ranges lies between 4 to 6, bath soaps have a pH range of 10. As a result, our skin pH gets troubled from bath soaps.

A cleanser should not be used harshly. As skin loses its oils by doing so. A cleanser should be used once a day. Excess use of cleanser removes sebum from your skin.


Similarity between Cleanser vs Face Wash

Both face wash and cleanser remove the impurities and sebum from your face.

Cleanser vs face wash

1. Uses

Face wash is essential for removing dirt and impurities from deeper layers of skin. While a cleanser is required for the removal of makeup and excess oil from the face.

2. Best suits to whom

If a person has dry and sensitive skin then it is suggested to use a cleanser. Because using a face wash will make their skin dry and flaky. Whereas face wash is best for oily and combinational skin types.

3. Gentleness

The face wash is gentler than ordinary bar soaps. On the other hand, cleansers are gentler than a face wash.

4. Hydration

A cleanser provides hydration to your face while face wash doesn’t provide it. Face wash makes your skin look a little bit drier as compared to the cleanser.

5. Rinsing

Rinsing is required after the application of face wash. While for cleanser, you can just wipe it off from a cotton pad.

6. Usage

A cleanser might be used in only nighttime skincare routines. Whereas, the face wash is necessary use a cleanser might be used only during nighttime skincare routines. In contrast, a face wash is necessary to use twice a day or so.

7. Moisturizing

A face wash never moisturizes your skin. Whereas a cleanser does moisturize your skin.

8. Texture

The face wash comes with a foaming texture. But cleansers are mostly non-foaming.

9. Solubility

A cleanser is oil soluble hence best used for makeup removal.

Face wash

The face wash is the foremost step of the skincare routine. So whenever you are selecting a face wash, select the one that does not make your skin extremely dry. Never select those that make your skin more hydrated or greasy. Thus, a face wash must be used twice a day.

How to cleanse your face

First, of all wash your hands properly so that all the oil from your hands is removed. Then take a small pulp of cleanser on your palm. After that massage it on your face gently. Now, rinse your face.

How to pick a face wash

First look for your skin type. However, your skin type can be dry, sensitive, normal, combinational, or oily. Next, check out the texture of the face wash. That is, look for the face wash that suits you the most. In that case, if you have a dry skin type, then look for a creamy face wash. As dry skin is always dry so you need a gentle face wash that hydrates and moisturizes your face.

For oily skin types, you need to look for a gel-type face wash to remove the excess oil from the face. If you have acne on your skin then go for tea tree oil face wash. The tea tree face wash is best for acne-prone skin. Initially, it makes your skin about drier than usual and you might feel irritation o itching. But after frequent use, your skin will get used to it.

For sensitive skin types, look for something gentle and creamy in texture. The face wash must not contain strong chemicals. After selecting texture, now find the ingredients of the face wash. For dry skin types, it is recommended to select ceramides and hyaluronic acid ingredients.

Therefore, the ingredients help to retain the moisturizer of the skin. For oily skin, choose a face wash that contains, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and hydroxyl acids.

Things to consider when buying face wash

1.Check for the ingredients

First of all, you must consider natural ingredients when looking for face wash. Avoid a cleanser that contains harmful chemicals.

2. Exfoliation

Consider the one with some exfoliation properties. They help to remove string bacteria and dust from the skin. But never go for harsh exfoliating agents.

3. Reviews

Before buying a product always go through its reviews. In addition, do a deep analysis and look for the reviews related to the product. It will provide a better judgment of products.

4. Prices

There are thousands of face washes displayed in malls and grocery stores. Similarly, the price range of face washes is normally, that is not too expensive. You can buy whatever comes within your budget range.

5. Life span

The product that has short shelf life must be avoided.

Types of cleansers

1.Gel cleansers

These cleansers have a gel-like texture. They are commonly used to open the clogged pores from the skin. In addition, they do exfoliate the skin.

2. Cream cleansers

They have a creamy consistency. Similarly, these cleansers provide a gentle and hydrating effect on the skin. These are best for extremely dry and sensitive skin types. As these are gentle, they do not remove natural oils from the face.

3. Foam cleansers

As suggested through its name, foamy texture. Their consistency lies between what gel cleansers and cream cleansers have. Therefore, people with combinational skin types can use this cleanser. Combinational skin has its tee zone oily. Hence, this cleanser helps to remove the excess oil from the t region.

4. Oil-based cleansers

This kind of cleanser is a bit unique from others. Their oil-based property helps them to remove impurities from the skin. Although, they do not react to the skin. It helps skin tone to get better. Similarly, it also removes all kinds of makeup from the face.

5. Clay-based cleansers

It works by taking out all the debris from the inner layer of the skin. Oily and combinational skin types are recommended to use this cleanser. Besides this, sensitive skin type’s people can also use it.

6. Micellar cleansers

A very commonly used cleanser nowadays. People doing frequent makeup use this micellar water or cleanser on regular basis. In addition to this, the makeup also removes dirt from the skin. This cleanser is mild and gentle and can be used for sensitive skin types also.

7. Cleansing balms

Another effective cleanser for removing makeup and dirt. They contain hydrating and moisturizing agents e.g.; coconut oil. It is best for all skin types.

8. Cleanser bars

These are known for removing oil from the skin.

To learn more, visit and find the perfect product for your skin type.

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