Churchill Tyres Market Harborough:Comprehensive Guide

Churchill Tyres Market Harborough is a budget tyre manufacturer. It is well-known for producing items that are both cost-effective and long-lasting. They provide a mid-priced tyre that is made with premium brand techniques. Churchill Tyres Market Harborough gives you more confidence and a better driving experience.

Customers seeking “tyres near me” in the neighbourhood, for example, pick them for these two reasons.

PBT Supplies is a well-known vehicle service centre that carries a wide range of this brand’s tyres. Additionally, we have a squad of pros that can support you with any tyre suggestions for your vehicle.


Churchill tyres are created in China and Vietnam with international technology and equipment. It uses the same core technology as more expensive tyre manufacturers. At every stage of the production process, Churchill tyres are created utilizing machinery from Italy, German, the Netherlands, and Japan.


Producing high-performance tyres requires a painstaking level of detail, which starts with natural fibres. Churchill manages a network of rubber plantations across Thailand through a subsidiary company, ensuring complete control over the quality of the most important raw resource. Natural Thai rubber is a vital component of every tyre. The treading belt steel chord from Belgium is included, as is a fibre rope from South Korea, carbon from the United States, rayon traction belt cables from Germany, and a fibre rope from South Korea.

Types of Churchill car tyres


The purpose of high-performance units is to guarantee stability and security at high speeds. Churchill performance tyres Market Harborough are also accurate thanks to foreign goods and an asymmetrical tread pattern. A robust centre belt helps the tyre maintain its shape at higher speeds. These have incredible traction.


For consistent wet ground handling, Churchill’s summer units include a robust carcass fabric and wave-designed slick tyres.

Therefore, they also have enhanced tyre grooves to help prevent aquaplaning.


Among 4×4 enthusiasts, HarboroughSUV or 4×4 tyres are well-known. Churchill’s all-terrain vehicles have reinforced sidewalls. They have a broad tread pattern that provides grip and stability in a range of conditions and on various terrain. They also provide superior aquaplaning resistance, making them a popular choice with Harborough clients looking for low-cost automotive tyres.


Churchill Tyres’ run-flat tyres have reinforced sidewalls that allow them to perform normally for 50 miles at speeds over 50 mph following a blowout.

In Harborough, we also have a broad range of Chruchill winter and all-season tyres.

Popular Churchill Tyres:

Churchill RCB007:

This Churchill RCB007 tyre is a long-lasting, high-efficiency model. These tyres’ three broad tread designs and wave-like slick swiftly drain water, improving wet gripping and safety.

Churchill RCB008:

These devices have environmentally friendly raised rubber components. At high speeds, they assure optimal performance. They use HD Silica and advanced SBR to provide the safest driving possible.

Churchill GRB008:

This Churchill Tyres type is meant for trucks and buses and belongs to the slightly raised tyre category. To provide a nice and quiet ride, they feature a tread block design with varying pitches.

Churchill CSB007:

These tyres are ideal for industrial light trucks, buses, and vans with wet and dry handling requirements. They have a one-of-a-kind pattern design that delivers great performance and ensures safe riding in all weather conditions. We provide Churchill Tyres in a variety of pricing levels, including premium, medium, and low-cost options.


PBT Supplies is, in conclusion, a one-stop store for Tyres Market Harborough. We supply all of Churchill’s automotive tyres to fulfil the demands of a broad variety of consumers. Our experts can also recommend appropriate tyres based on the driving trends.

We’ve launched!

Churchill tyres are now available for purchase on our website. Simply insert your car registration or tyre information into our tyre finder. Then you may select from a variety of options. You may also book a fitting appointment with your order, either at work or via our convenient mobile service. We guarantee that you will have a fantastic time.

We specialize in vehicle tyre repair. You may rely on us for anything tyre-related, from installation to supply.

Our crew works on many types of vehicles, including sports cars, 4x4s, and passenger cars. We work with a variety of well-known manufacturers, including Goodyear, Dunlop, Michelin, and others. We assist our customers in choosing the appropriate tyres for their specific needs. 

Customers are welcome to come in and receive tyre advice from our professionals. You may also make an appointment over the internet. Customers only need to go to our website and choose a convenient time. We’ve been in business for a long time, and our loyal customers speak well of us. PBT Supplies was founded in 2017 with the sole purpose of providing the greatest customer service.

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