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ChartLogic EHR vs Kareo EHR Comparing Top EMR software

ChartLogic vs Kareo

If you don’t apprehend what Chartlogic EHR is, it’s associate degree EHR Software that gives a full ambulant EHR suite, as well as electronic anamnesis, observe management, revenue cycle management, and more. Chartlogic is linked to many specialties as well as medical specialties, treatment, Cardiology, General Surgery, etc. 

On the other hand, the Kareo EHR was established sixteen years ago. It’s a cloud-based EHR Software that’s providing its services to over 65000 doctors. Kareo EHR is known for giving terribly specific options for various medical practices. Kareo is rated among the highest EHR Softwares out there. 

ChartLogic EHR and Kareo EHR supply wonderful options that users square measure passionate about. Let’s move forward and verify the highest EHR options that the 2 EHR Software supply. 


What are the Top EHR Features that these Software offer?

ChartLogic EHR

There square measure many totally different superb options that ChartLogic is giving however the highest EHR options that it offers square measure as follows:

  • Custom Templates
  • Telehealth services
  • Electronic Prescriptions
  1. One feature that ChartLogic is extremely well-liked for is its customizable templates. ChartLogic offers many various templates for various specialties. you’ll be able to modify the template in keeping with your specialty and conjointly create additions and customize the template to however you, please. It’s a particularly fair-haired feature. 
  2. Another feature that ChartLogic is kind of proverbial for is its telehealth services. Telehealth services permit you to treat your patients remotely. Throughout the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, this feature came in handy as patients were obtaining treatment whereas sitting within the comfort of their homes. 
  3. Electronic Prescription is an important feature for each EHR Software to own. ChartLogic EHR allows you to send electronic prescriptions to the pharmacies wherever the patients will collect their medication from. This keeps the dose under control. It’s an excellent EHR feature and is employed by the majority of users. 


Kareo EHR

Kareo EHR may be a terribly well-established EHR Software and is fair-haired by many thousand doctors. the rationale why it is so fair-haired is attributable to its outstanding EHR options. Though Kareo incorporates a long list of EHR options that it offers, the highest three square measure as follows: 

  • Telehealth Services
  • Patient Portal
  • Customizable templates
  1. Kareo incorporates a set of fantastic EHR options however one feature that’s standing on prime of the list is its Telehealth Services. throughout world pandemics, like Covid-19, this tool involves the rescue. This feature is extremely convenient for those that can’t visit the observer like disabled folks or those that have contagious illnesses. 
  2. Patient Portal may be a demand in virtually each different observe. With the assistance of the Kareo EMR Patient portal, not solely the communication between patient and doctor improves however conjointly doctors will access their complete patient history. Patients will schedule their appointments with the assistance of this feature. 
  3. One feature that Kareo EHR excels in is its customizable templates. It offers over a hundred and fifty templates for various specialties which suggest loads of physicians get to use it.


Kareo EHR evaluation vs ChartLogic EHR evaluation

Kareo EHR evaluation starts from $160 per month, per supplier. The Software doesn’t supply a free trial and doesn’t have a free version. ChartLogic EMR evaluation, on the opposite hand, has not been printed by the seller. The Software doesn’t supply a free trial and doesn’t have a free version. If you wish to grasp ChartLogic evaluation plans, visit Software Finder. 


User Review

ChartLogic may be a nice EHR Software and has begun to get loads of affection recently from all the physicians out there attributable to its outstanding options. The general user review of ChartLogic has been positive. in keeping with the users, the Software has helped them optimize their Software super quickly. 

Similarly, Kareo is one of the foremost proverbial EHR Software out there.


Final Verdict

Which Software must you decide on for your practice? This can be a matter solely you’ll be able to answer. Kareo and ChartLogic square measure among the foremost proverbial EHR Software out there and supply some wonderful options. We’d suggest you envision each of them out and list down their execs and cons before choosing one for your observer.

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