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Characteristics Of a Good Wool Blanket

If you have just recently discovered the Australian wool blankets benefits of using a wool blanket and you have decided to purchase one now, you are in for a treat. Wool has started to be noticed and is now one of the homeowners preferred textile for blankets (and rugs) next to cotton and linen. There are numerous reasons for this such as that wool is durable, water resistant, antibacterial and eco-friendly.

Other positive characteristics of a good wool blanket is as follows:

A good wool blanket is anti-bacterial

Since wool is water resistant, it does not hold moisture which makes it less likely to breed mildew, mites and of course, bacteria that could make us sick. This is enough reason already for us to invest on a wool blanket which surprisingly you could still use during summer.

There has been a notion that since wool is a bit thick, you would feel hot if you would use it as a blanket during hotter climate. Wool is actually breathable and keeps moisture away from our body like it does for sheep.

A good wool blanket is a temperature regulator

If you are a hot sleeper and your partner is a cold sleeper, deciding on the room’s temperature or choosing the perfect blanket might be a source of constant disagreement. Fortunately, Australian wool blankets not only regulate moisture, it also regulates temperature.


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Even if you are a hot sleeper, you would not feel hot under it especially if your partner who is a cold sleeper would want you to be under the covers with them. With a temperature regulated blanket, you or your partner would not end up waking in the middle of the night because you are feeling hot and they are feeling cold.

A good wool blanket does not need to be constantly washed

One of the other advantages of a wool blanket over other fabric is that it does not need to be constantly washed. Since it does not retain moisture, it is less likely to be dirty so it is perfectly fine for you to not wash it as regularly as your other blankets.

Even if you sweat on the wool blanket, the material would absorb your sweat but since it has anti-microbial properties, bacteria would not grow on it and therefore would not have any odour making your bedding fresher even between washes. Not only that, since wool has anti-static nature, lint and dust mites would not stick to it preventing your blanket to get filthy.

A good wool blanket is durable

A wool blanket would retain its appearance and colour even after a long time. It’s colour or design will not fade or wash out. It is worth every penny since you would be able to use it for a long time.

As an added bonus to all of these benefits is that wool absorbs pollutants inside your room which improves the quality of the air you breathe. It is also flame resistance so you would not need to worry about you catching fire while you are sleeping.

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