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Causes of Hard Drive Crash

 A hard drive crash is a complicated problem, but we can easily define it as a breakdown of the hard drive when it cannot function. Resulting in loss or inability to access the stored information. Here we will mainly talk about how to fix a crashed hard drive for you. There are several reasons for a typical hard drive crash. A hard drive can stop working simply because of its old, worn parts. In addition, the crash can come from overheating hardware. In addition, being exposed for a long time under the influence of certain environmental factors such as water, light or high magnetic is also able to cause the hard drive to crash.

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Another contributing component to this problem is corrupted files (for example outgoing, improperly closed files, shutting down the computer suddenly, or power outages can lead to file corruption and wreak havoc on the hard drive); power surge (the situation when the main power source is inadvertently interrupted and then restarts, leading to computer malfunction); and, of course, human error (for example: quickly deleting files necessary for the hard disk,

Symptoms of physical and logical hard drive crash

Before you start repairing disk errors initially, you should check that the hard disk is really not. The question that comes up is how to tell if your hard drive has crashed. In general, there are 2 main classifications of a bad hard drive: physical hard drive crash and logical hard drive crash, and fortunately, both have their own signs for us to recognize without too much difficulty. Once you understand the root cause of your problem, you can easily fix your hard drive crash and get your computer back to normal.

Logical hard disk crash

First of all, let’s have an insight into the physical hard drive crash. It occurs due to your own device failure. This is potentially coming from outside influences, such as water, heat, or electric shock. The most noticeable signs of this problem are the inability of the computer operating system. So to recognize the device and above all, the continuous sound coming from inside the computer. You need to be very careful not to confuse them for noise from the cooling fan. If there is a physical crash, you will hear, clunking, grinding, or buzzing sounds. If it really sounds something like them, then 100% that the physical effects have taken their tools on your hard drive. On the other hand, it is much easier to diagnose logical hard drive crashes.

It happens when the hard disk spins perfectly well as usual, but for some unknown reason, the operating system is unable to access the stored information, or sometimes not even recognize the presence of the hard disk. Before that really happens, you may want to take note of some small but important symptoms like slow performance or sudden loss of data processing.

Solutions to a logical hard drive crash 

If your hard drive is logically faulty, first of all, you should try to restore data on the drive to another drive. As situations get worse, you will see it become more and more complex to pick them up. As mentioned earlier, using RecoverIT is recommended for you to keep your data completely safe.

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