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Caterpillar Shoes Pakistan makes us strong family

I came late from the office in the evening. My son John was arguing with my wife Jean. She was trying to explain that It was time for him to do homework. But John wanted to play mobile games. I removed caterpillar shoes pakistan. Then I went to John’s bedroom. I told both of them to relax. George, please tell him to finish the homework first”. Jean said.” No, I will play games”. John replied angrily.

I called them, to the living room, with great difficulty. First I told John, to elaborate more, then I listened to my wife Jean.

I suggested that they play basketball with me in the garden. They happily agreed.

I called my friend Jack to come over. He arrived with his family. We played as two teams. All of us were wearing caterpillar shoes Pakistan, with basketball shots, and t-shirts.

Unfortunately, Jack’s family won.

They had coffee with us and then left at 8 pm. Jean and George were happy. My son went to his bedroom and finished his homework.

At 9 pm we had dinner together. Then we talked and mutually agreed on the following:

  • Sharing love

Jean and I agreed that we’ll give our child John unconditional love and attention. First and foremost, it was important for all of us to get affection and cherish the love amongst ourselves.

I started by setting an example. Whenever I went to the office. I would say “I love you”, “honey”. Jean always replied with “Love you, George.”.

I drop John at school. So I always express my love to my son. He also responds positively, by hugging me.

When Jean went in the evenings, to pick George. She would kiss him on the cheek. He also used to kiss her.

  • Give a Helping Hand

John found it difficult to study mathematics. I sat with him after coming home. My helping hand, usually went to Jean, to help her in bringing the dinner to the table.

I would take the plates from the rack. John helped her mother to bring the food. 

We would take the plates back and wash it, and keep it back in the rack.

We used to go shopping, and when I parked the car, Jean and John would help me, in taking the bags, to the kitchen. I was happy that we built a teamwork spirit. 

  • Empowerment

We always listened to each other’s points of view. Then we analyze each one by one. I  was discussing buying a TV for John’s bedroom.  Jean also did some research and was prepared for the discussions.

John, on the other hand. Showed us models of TCL and LG. I  suggested to him about the Hitachi Tv.

John gave us an ear and took a notepad. He listed all the advantages of TVs. On the next page, scribbled about the cons of each one.

He showed us his workings. Undoubtedly John’s choice was the best. We hugged him and told him to go ahead with the purchase.

  • Celebrate together 

We buy gifts, and cakes for each other. John bought us a pair of watches and a chocolate cake, for our anniversary.

He even called his friends on it. We danced, played games together. It was full of fun.

Jean and I threw a surprise party on John’s birthday. He was not expecting anything from us. 

We just hid our gift in his bedroom door. We switched off the lights in our living room. When he came in, we just sang a happy birthday song. John hugged both of us out of happiness.


Now, we are coming closer to each other. Thank GOD, our plan was executed well.

We crack jokes while turning off our devices.

John has joined university. He is doing well. All of his teachers praise him. We often talk to each other on Zoom. GOD bless our family.

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