Case studies: concrete examples of Business Intelligence at work

Quick, data-driven decision making can drive success. High customer expectations, global competition, and narrow profit margins mean that many organizations, regardless of size or industry, are looking for a competitive edge in BI.

What is an example of business intelligence?

Using data to serve personalized ads based on browsing history, provide access to contextual KPI data for all employees, and centralize company-wide data in a digital ecosystem so that processes that can be further examined are all examples of How Would the Technology Industry Use Business Intelligence?. Here are some case studies that show some of the ways BI is making a difference for businesses around the world: BI increases business revenue is Korea’s leading internet mall with 13 million customers.

Challenge: With over a million site visitors per day, company executives wanted to understand why customers abandon their shopping carts.

Solution: The deputy general manager of the marketing planning team implemented Customer Experience Analysis, the first online behavior analysis system applied in Korea. The manager used the information to understand customer behavior and implement targeted marketing and website transformation.

Results: Using information from the new BI analytics program, there was an increase in customer loyalty after one year and an increase in sales of $ 10 million. The changes come from identifying the causes of shopping cart abandonment, such as a long checkout process and unexpected delivery times, and resolving the situation.

Cementos Argos: BI improves financial efficiency

Cementos Argos is a cement company present in the United States, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

Solution: Cementos Argos has created a dedicated business analysis center. The company invested in experienced business analysts and data science teams and used BI to mine the data. Results: The company standardized the financial process and applied big data to gain a better understanding of customer behavior, which resulted in a higher level of profitability.

Baylis & Harding: BI supports decision-making

Baylis & Harding is a wholesale distributor specializing in world class gift sets and toiletries that can be found at major independent retailers. Solution: Managers and executives used business intelligence tools to create standard and ad hoc reports.

Results: Business leaders and managers now have instant access to the business data they need to act proactively. They can create custom dashboards with KPIs relevant to their areas of interest and share goals and performance details with their teams without having to request a personalized report from IT.

Saber Airline izmir escort Solutions: BI speeds up business information

Saber Airline Solutions provides booking, revenue management, web and mobile itinerary tools. Other technologies for airlines, hotels and other businesses in the travel industry. Challenge: The travel industry is changing at a remarkably fast pace. And Saber customers needed advanced tools that could provide real-time data on customer behavior and actions.

Solution: Saber developed a Business Travel Data Warehouse (ETDW) to store its huge amounts of data. Saber executive dashboards deliver near real-time information in easy-to-use environments with a 360-degree overview of business status, reservations, operational performance and ticketing.

Results: A scalable infrastructure, graphical user interface, data aggregation, and the ability to work collaboratively increased revenue and customer satisfaction

Challenge: Univision wanted more visibility of its data to unify and focus on specific advertising campaigns.

Solution: Programmatic TV is an automated, data-driven approach to buying and serving advertisements on TV video content. Including advertisements delivered to the web, mobile devices and connected TVs, as well as linear TV advertisements broadcast. on decoders. With BI powered by insights from apps like Facebook, Google Analytics, and Adobe Analytics. The business can get more out of its programmatic advertising.

Results: Univision achieved 80% performance growth in the first quarter after implementing Business Intelligence.

New York Shipping Exchange: BI Reduces IT Dependence

The New York Shipping Exchange (NYSHEX) is a shipping technology company that strives to improve the overseas shipping process. It was a laborious process and few people had access to the data. Most report requests were sent to the engineering team for execution.

Solution: NYSHEX invested in BI, centralized its data in a single system, and provided enterprise-wide access, allowing those without coding skills to expand their knowledge.

Results: Through business intelligence and other efforts, in 2019 the company tripled its shipping volume between Asia and the United States.

Stitch Fix: BI connects services, data and processes

Stitch Fix offers online styling services for personal clothing and accessories. The company uses data science and recommendation algorithms to customize clothing for size, budget, and style.

Challenge: The company wants to reduce returns, retain loyal customers, and generate word-of-mouth by referring customers to friends and family.

Solution: Stitch Fix collects data within BI throughout the buying process, which means the more a customer buys with Stitch Fix, the better the styling team understands their sartorial tastes. The company hired astrophysicists to decode the various components of personal style. A complex job that would be impossible without powerful BI analysis, $ 7 billion in fiscal 2020.

SKF: BI optimizes manufacturing processes

SKF is a Swedish-based global manufacturer and supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronic systems and lubrication with 17,000 points of sale.

Challenge: SKF’s vast geographic coverage and product diversity required a consistent market size and forecasted product demand to match manufacturing.

Solution: Management realized they needed to implement business intelligence to serve as a single source of reliable information. Maintaining the system is easier than trying to manage everything with Excel. Now employees no longer have to rely on outdated spreadsheets and can access easy-to-understand reports and dashboards.

Results: By centralizing data assets in a single system, SFK was able to quickly share data and analytics across multiple departments, including sales, manufacturing planning, application engineering, business development, and business development. ‘administration. SKF now combines demand forecasting between departments and has improved the planning process.

Expedia: BI drives customer satisfaction

Expedia is the parent company of some world-class travel agencies, such as Expedia, Hotwire, and TripAdvisor.

Challenge: Customer satisfaction is essential to the mission, strategy and success of the business. The online experience should reflect a good travel experience. But the company had no visibility into the voice of the customer.

Solution: The company had mountains of data that it added manually, leaving little time for analysis.

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