Call of Duty Gaming Chair Warzone Black By Eureka Ergonomic

Console gaming has grown incredibly and with that demand, comes a need for a comfortable gaming experience. Introducing the Call of Duty Gaming Chair by Eureka Ergonomic, a wickedly cool gaming chair that combines the comfort of ergonomic chairs with the stylish gaming chairs many of us are used to.

With company figures at Call of Duty HQ reporting that there were around 100 million monthly active users at the end of 2020, it was about time that Eureka Ergonomic put pen to paper and create the ultimate in gaming chairs.

If you’re old gaming chair has seen better days, it’s time to elevate your gaming furniture.

Just like game concepts and graphics have advanced, so too have gaming furniture and accessories. With the Call of Duty Warzone Gaming Chair, you’ve got style in the bucket loads and endless hours of gaming in the most comfortable of seating.

Every detail in this chair has been well thought out and will deliver the best support for your gaming experience on Call of Duty.

Plenty of ergonomic features

As you spend your hours gaming, it’s important to take care of your body and how you support it. With this ergonomic gaming chair, you have all of the luxurious features that’ll keep your body in perfect shape.

Enjoy the plump headrest that supports your head and neck from strain to the lumbar pillow which provides that much-needed weight distribution on your lower back. The lumbar pillow can be removed, making it a versatile option for all types of gamers.

Every part of this gaming chair has been thought out by our expert engineers and designers at Eureka Ergonomic. With the above ergonomic features, you’ll be able to enjoy your gaming – no matter how long the combat lasts!

Top-quality detailing in every stitch

Not only does the chair tick the boxes when it comes to ergonomics, but it also looks the part. This all-black leather finish is a carbon fiber texture that not only looks cool but it’ll keep you cool. Even with those intense showdown war fights, this chair will keep you sweat-free.

Enjoy the high-density, premium foam core that will last for many years and gaming. It provides comfort that will help you keep gaming all day.

Comfort is key

With an ergonomic chair like this one, that old office swivel chair you once owned will become a distant memory. This chair provides the flexibility of a reclining backrest. As a result, you can explore 90° to 170° angles on a strong metal base keeping you upright and safe. Find that sweet spot to relax into for a long night of gaming.

The adjustable, 4D armrests can rotate in every way possible to further provide comfort to your body.

Snatch this gaming chair for $399.99 and benefit from the luxurious comfort that comes with this revolutionary gaming furniture. Try out the Eureka Ergonomic gaming chairs today!

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