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This mobile comes in an impressive body and is laden with amazing features. It weighs 166 grams to 238 grams. This mobile is travel-friendly and enables you to see the weather for the next five days. Although there are a lot of options available for Vertu phones, this model has some great specifications that are worth noting!

Impeccable Hardware – This Mobile comes in an 18 carat gold plating that attracts everybody’s eyes. Talk about a luxurious phone with all the qualities! The best part about the hardware? It has hidden- until-lit characters. This is why this phone is considered to be of a kind. How often do you come across mobile phones that are literally carved out of sapphires screens? Not so often, we are pretty sure. This is what makes Vertu interesting and this is what makes Vertu. The sustainability and durability of the hardware is also something that is worth commending. It just does not break or wear away.

Software Information – The Software of this phone bears single SIM connectivity with LTE 4G+. It bears a 4 GB of internal memory with 2000 phone book contacts. As far as the internet is concerned, it supports WAP and GPRS. The best aspect of this phone is that it has pre-installed apps, such as File Manager, Web Browser, Music Player, Gallery, Voice Recorder, Calendar, Alarm Clock, Calculator, World Clock, Notepad.

Great Battery – This Phone allows a talk time up to 12 hours. Fashion lovers, this is just for you! This Vertu mobile phone is par excellence, and everybody is bound to fall in absolute love with it! You can always buy Vertu phones online in India and get equipped with the best quality. It is extremely durable and can keep going for very long. All of us know how irritating it is to continuously go around places looking to charge our phones. This is why we will always recommend you to buy Vertu phones. These phones are extremely good. They just don’t know what dying away is. It almost takes 12 hours for the battery to die down. These phones are very prompt and can save a busy man’s time to a wonderful extent. You can always save your time and be efficient if you buy a phone that has a great battery life. That is Vertu phone for you! It has a wonderful life and it stays for good!

Studded with Gemstones – Vertu phones are literally one of a kind! These phones are wonderful when it comes to aesthetics and being extremely functional. Also, one should note that these gemstones are utterly real. Yes! You really don’t have to worry about the durability of this phone too. Hence, you should note that the screen of these phones is made out of sapphire. This is why it is so sturdy, strong and durable. It equips you for long and investing in such a phone is exactly what one needs to do.

Vertu phones are just for the functionality. They know about their price quotations. While a lot of them may call this brand too expensive, the one who can afford to buy such phones will understand how amazing the quality and efficiency of these phones is. Take the first step today and buy these phones, only for them to last a lifetime.

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