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Build A Strong Online Classified Marketplace With Olx Clone Script

The rise of e-commerce platforms paved the way for individuals to buy and sell their products online. With the arrival of the c2c online marketplace, it became more accessible for people to buy and sell their products online.

A c2c business model involves peer-to-peer and customer-to-customer interaction for buying and selling their things. In simple words, it can be explained as a community platform where people can sell their second-hand items to other users who are interested in buying them.  

OLX Clone App:

Such a c2c platform enables users to buy and sell their things independently without any interference from third parties. The official source close to OLX, an online marketplace, has stated that the app has nearly 6 million daily users, and it is reported that a customer spends an average of 16.5 minutes browsing the app each time.

The demand and the growth of the online classified marketplace look convincing, and with the prominence of technology, entrepreneurs can launch their businesses. An OLX clone script will be an excellent launchpad for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses. 


Appdupe offers you the best OLX clone script developed with cutting-edge technology. Our classified clone script is developed considering various business requirements. The entrepreneurs can go through the features and pick their niche and the facets they need. Some of the popular online classified business options that come with our OLX Script are,

  • Appdupe’s OLX clone script provides a c2c marketplace for the users to buy and sell their products.
  • A Job classified marketplace for entrepreneurs to create a forum for the employees and job seekers to search for job opportunities.
  • The OLX clone script provides a facet for the Real estate marketplace where individuals can buy and sell real estate properties.
  • A separate forum for automobiles called the Automobile classified marketplace for individuals to sell and buy their automobiles.
  • A Pet classifieds for the users to buy and sell their pet and pet products.
  • We provide a digital auction place for people through our Auction marketplace.

Working on our c2c OLX clone app:

  • The users can register themselves in the app by providing their email address and contact number.
  • The users can enter their product images with a description
  • The admin will verify the products listed by the users, and only upon the admin’s approval will the product be listed for selling.
  • The users can browse the products, and if interested, they can contact the seller.
  • The users can chat with the seller and fix their deals
  • The customers will get their product after paying their deals.

The revenue model of OLX clone script:

Generating revenue is the first and foremost aim of any business. Our OLX clone script will generate revenue for the entrepreneurs in manifold ways. Some of the ways to generate income are,

Sponsored listing:

The sellers can list their products on the top of the list by paying an amount of money to the app. The app owner can collect transaction fees from both the buyers and sellers using the OLX clone script. The buyers will pay an amount for buying through the platform, and the sellers will pay an amount for selling their products through the app.


You can earn money by giving space for the seller community to advertise their products in your app. 

Google ads:

By integrating with Google Adsense, you can make more money by advertising the products in your app. Many relevant ads can be posted in the app, you can get the most income from your app.

Wrapping up,

The scope for the online classified marketplace is gearing up with people preferring the c2c marketplace to buy and sell their products at a convincing price. Launching a business will be a sure hit for the entrepreneur. Approach Appdupe, which is instrumental in helping many entrepreneurs launch their apps. 

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