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Best Yoga Teacher Training in India 2021

India is the birthplace of yoga, and it is also one of the best destinations if you want to go to learn yoga. For the people who want to become yoga teachers, yoga teacher training in India is one of the best things that they should have. Certifications that teachers obtain from India have far more value worldwide than any other yoga teacher training in the world. The reason behind this is that Indian yoga is the authentic form of yoga practice and style. 

All of the other yoga practices and styles have been derived from these original yoga styles that you can only learn from India. It is worth traveling to a large distance and learning it from the people who invented it. But in India, there are a lot of yoga institutes, so it becomes very difficult for a tourist to know which one is the best and which one he/she should choose. 

In this article below, there is a list of few handpicked yoga ashrams that you should visit, or should enroll in to learn yoga. These schools also offer online yoga classes which means you can learn authentic yoga from the comfort of your own home as well. 

Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training:

Arhanta Yoga is one of the biggest and world-renowned yoga organizations in India. The Arhanta Yoga offers many courses of different types and styles of yoga practices. They also offer grand master-level yoga training. Gurus here are the yoga experts, who learned it from their ancestors and passed it on to their children. 

You can join their online and offline classes as you seem fit in your case. You can also join the Arhanta Yoga teacher training program to become a certified yoga teacher. This certification is valid worldwide. This means you can teach people anywhere in the world. You can also start your online academy after completing the course and teach online as well. Arhanta Yoga offers support to its students to start their careers. 

Shiva Shakti Yoga Teacher Training:

Shiva Shakti Yoga institute is another authentic Indian yoga school that offers different yoga teacher training. One can join from their online website or visit their ashram to learn about enrollment and courses available. Shiva Shakti Yoga offers almost all types of yoga teacher training programs. At the end of courses, they offer certifications to the students who have completed their courses.  

Through this certification in yoga teacher training, students can start their careers as yoga teachers. And teach yoga to students across the world. Shiva Shakti Yoga also has an online yoga teacher training program that remotely trains the teachers online. Their certification holds high value all across the globe as they offer authentic yoga teacher training. 

Kranti Yoga Teacher Training:

Kranti Yoga is also an internationally renowned Indian Yoga teacher training institute. That trains the students from across the globe and helps them become teachers of yoga in the future. It offers both online yoga teacher training services and also offline yoga teacher training services as well. This means students can learn from the comfort of their own homes and they do not need to visit India. 

But even if they do want to visit India, this tour will be worth spending their money on. These students will return home with an internationally renowned yoga teacher certification that would allow them to teach yoga to students worldwide. They can also set up remote academies and teach online or join associations and teach offline to the local students. 

Raj Yoga Rishikesh Teacher Training:

Raj Yoga Rishikesh is situated in the birthplace of Yoga, Rishikesh. It is one of the holiest Hindu cities, where visitors visit to see the original touch of Indian culture and real yoga. Raj Yoga Rishikesh offers a lot of yoga teacher training courses including Yin Yoga, postnatal yoga prenatal yoga, and other courses. 

Some of these courses are as short as 20 hours of teacher training to 50 or 100 hours. While some courses are very long and extensive such as 200 hours to 500 hours yoga teacher training courses. After the completion of each course, every student is given a certificate that they can use to become a certified teacher. So, if you want to become a certified yoga teacher, Raj Yoga Rishikesh is an available option. 

Samyak Yoga Teacher Training:

Samyak Yoga is an Indian Yoga teacher training institute known for teaching one of the best yoga styles. A lot of people are attending their online and offline classes from across the world. Samyak Yoga is a member of all international yoga bodies, which means their certified yoga teachers can become members of any yoga association. 

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The courses that Samyak Yoga offers include all types of short, medium, and long-term courses. They also offer grandmaster yoga courses of 500 hours as well. After the completion of the courses, one can become a certified teacher and teach yoga to international students. 

Yoga Goa India Teacher Training:

Yoga Goa India is an institute based in Goa, it is one of the best places to visit because it has a very beautiful view and scenery that can boost the results of your yoga teacher training and inspire you as well. Apart from its location, it is also one of the best institutes that you can join and learn yoga teacher training. They offer online and offline yoga teacher training courses.  

It is also a member of all international and local yoga associations. This means their certified students can also join any local or international yoga association across the world. 


The article above contains a list of the best yoga teacher training in India for 2021. All of these institutes are some of the best institutes that are offering yoga teacher training in both offline and online classes. So, if you want to learn yoga from an Indian International yoga school, you must visit their website and join their classes.

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