Best Tips for Product Photography Studio Setup

Product photograph should be stunning because it is the most expected segment for online business owners and for the audience. Why should you show the best collaboration of getting the right kind of product image? Of becoming a business’s digitalized, you need to know “what’s the secret of selling products fast? And how is it significant for product photography and product photography setup for e-commerce business?” At present, there are so many options that you simply create your make your photographs stunned.

Before starting studio product photography, you need to know the product photography setup that can bring your online or e-commerce business profit. Most modern e-commerce traders give force on studio product photography because they can accurately commit the clients in due time. However, we show you some tips for product photography setup in terms of short and compelling photography. Let’s know.

Be Careful on Lighting set up:

In-studio product photography, lighting is the most needed element to set a continuous shooting. You mainly want to catch the outer/ surface beauty of the product photograph. Obviously, light-setting helps make the surface of your product eye-catching looking. In modern times, you will find a vast light setup for your studio product photography. But the diversity of the type of the product, you should keep a variety of lighting setup. There are some popular light settings used by professional photographers for studio photography.

  1. Strobe Lighting-Godox SK400II
  2. Speedlights-Nikon SB-700
  3. Softbox-NEEWER 45″/116cm Octagonal Umbrella Softbox for Speedlite / Studio Flash
  4. Strip box-Godox 9″x 35″ 22x90cm Honeycomb Grid Strip Softbox
  5. Umbrella lighting

Set up the Color Balance:

Product photography setup indicates your high performance on continuous shooting. Finding a quick way, you should invest in a color-checker. As soon as possible, you can create a custom profile that ensures 100% color accuracy.

Set up a Correct the Exposure:

Custom setting is better than the auto setting. If you want to quickly shoot with your camera, you should emphasize a fixed manual location. If your Manual Mode: f/16 and 1/6 within a second where your highlight detection on and the squire crop, it will give you a close studio setting. And when you need a little blowout on your white table, your shutter speed should be slow. Conditionally you can improve your shutter speed. However, regarding the fact, you will find your faster manual focuses on mentioning the situation.

Create a Raised Platform:

If you really want to enhance your photography, you should know the product photography setup. Why do you need a raised platform? It’s because since an object gets placed directly on the table, it tends to add a glaring highlight to the bottom of the product. The highlight and the tabletop are so close to the power, and it is tough to blow on your table. However, to fix the problem there, you will find a solution that you need two boxes, and you have to stack them at the top of them both. Again, you can wrap them with white paper.

When you unwrap them, you will see black strips reflecting on your product. Afterward, you need a sheet of clear acrylic of Lowes. However, it is a quarter-inch thick as well as 18×24inch. For that, you have to spend around $15-20. You can set the acrylic at the top of the wrapped boxes that raises the shooting surface within 7 inches.

You need to notice what is allowing from the table (blow out), but because of light fall, it refuses the product of being extra light over the product’s surface.

Be Ready on Placing the Subject:

Now you need to go under over power settings actually for the lights. If your configurative camera and tips of product photography setup are raised by the surface, you can now allow for the continuous shoot. Now you will feel the ease into your subject and placement.

For instance, you can place a mug in the middle of the acrylic. Next, its overhead light produces light over the face and works forcefully. Another lighting setting emits light at 90 degrees of the mug from the camera right. The final image is 95% okay to go online.

About the Harder Subject:

To take an incredible photograph with a more complex product, you should keep a white background. If your boxes are different colors for the best focus, you should use various colorful paper or apparel. But you should know how much amount of the light is coming from the sources. You need to ensure what kind of reflective light focuses your photographs at best.

If your product is complex and that different angles, you should emphasize lighting and product photography setup. If your light setting works in a narrow escape, it will not reach the remote parts of the product. To fix such a problem, you should set your light sources from 90 degree and 45-degree angles. And if your result won’t be acceptable to you, you should capture the photographs from different locations like try to shoot from a short distance, and it helps focus the significant parts of your subjects.

 Be Careful on Capturing Reflective Surfaces:

It’s pretty tough to capture a fresh photo of the reflective product because it gives you a continuous light reflection. By understanding the product photography setup and practical studio photography tips, one can simply shoot fast reflective products.

When will do the photography of the RCA adapter, you should be strategic. At best, you need a high-resolution camera and lens. When you find some red reflections from the shadow side of the lower-left (from a red bag out of the frame), you can see a dark stripe running down the left side. Anyhow, you need to clean those two segments.

Focusing on the angular part of the subject, you can use two or more soft lightboxes. However, a perfect and high-resolution picture is your aim for an online business. As soon as possible, you should use two or more white backgrounds for better performance.

Final Thought:

The mentioning discussion is highly effective on studio product photography. To make the best collaboration of product vs. light or another setting, you should know the skill of product photography setup.

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