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Best On-Page SEO Techniques to Get Top Rankings in Search Engines

On-Page SEO is the most important thing to do for your online business, blog or website. Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in expanding your business by ranking your website and blog on the top list of Google and other search engines. You can hire the best SEO company to do so. However, with proper On-Page SEO techniques, you can easily improve search engine rankings of your website. In this article, we have listed down the most effective and best On-Page SEO Techniques which you can use for better rankings.

When you choose to go with a reliable website designing company to design and develop your business website, they will suggest some good ways with which you can run a successful business, and can improve website traffic. However, with simple SEO techniques, you can add hundreds and thousands of visitors to your blog.

What is an On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is nothing by optimizing each and every web-page of your website to rank it higher in Google Search Results. The process includes technical SEO and content marketing. With best Keyword placements and effective marketing strategies, a user can quickly improve website traffic.

Best On-Page SEO Techniques to get good search result rankings

Quality of contents come first

If the website has published good and quality content, it will get good ranking itself. A website with bad content will not survive and it will not get you the desired results. You will have to work well for the contents before anything else. What you need to do on priority is, focusing on publishing quality content. Good contents attract more visitors, and your website’s traffic will itself gets increased.

Page Headings/ Titles

When publishing any blog post or page on your website, you have to use an effective headline. Make sure you put an appropriate heading for the content you publish.

Search Engines’ algorithms are designed to understand the concept in your blog post. It does focus on the headings of the contents and wants to know about the content published within a blog post.

Meta Descriptions for each post

Meta Description is essential for each post of your blog. You have to put a good description in the box containing the Keyword and other useful information. Search Engines also focuses on the meta-box published within the post. When you search for something on the Google, you will see description with each post. This is the meta description and it must contain proper Keyword and useful information.


A keyword is a most important thing to consider when publishing and focusing on ranking the blog post or the website. Keywords are nothing but the words which most users are searching for. You have to include the suitable Keywords within the post.

If possible, add generic keywords in the content which looks natural. Do not add unnecessary Keywords forcefully. If you put Keywords in wrong places, it will not do anything good for the blog. Focus on entering generic keywords and you will get the suitable results.

Focus on Visuals

Images and other multimedia items are very important while monetizing your blog. Images and other visuals make your page more interesting to read for the new users. New visitors will easily understand what your blog post is all about.

Before using any images on your blog, kindly make use of the original images. If you use images from different blogs, do not forget to give credits to that particular blog. Additionally, you have to optimize the image size so your website will get load faster. Small size images are good for your blog, and it will load your website faster.

Internal Links

For best results, do not forget interlinking between different blog posts. You have to focus on interlinking your blog posts with each other. Add the page URL as a Keyword in different blog posts.

Search Engines do focus on Internal links of that particular blog post. When a user searches for something on Google, he will also get to visit other blog posts linked within the page. Internal linking explains the Search Engine about other blog posts on your website. If you use generic keywords to inter-link your other blog posts, it will be more beneficial.

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