Best Indoor Games for Teenagers

In this generation, most teens are attracted by mobile games, social media, and so on. There is nothing like before. Before a few years ago we all are enjoying our childhood with several best indoor games. But today’s generation is busy with their chatting, followers, likes, online games. So it’s time to enjoy yourself with your friends with a lot of fun. You can go to a shopping mall or any bar or any gaming side to play. You can also play some games at your home.  So in this article, we will show you some best indoor games that you can enjoy with friends.

1. Card games:

If you want to hangouts with friends at home then card games are best. You just need some popcorn and cold drinks. Not only teens, but kids also love cards and it gives them a lesion of mental skill, strategic mind, and identification of colors. There are so many card games for big groups such as jack of diamonds, queen of hearts, king of diamonds, and ace of spades.

2. Electronic basketball:

Everyone thinks basketball is an outdoor game but can imagine that you can play basketball indoors too. You just need a ball, a basketball hoop, and voila.

For playing this game you have four quarters and each lasting for 10 minutes. You are being disqualified when you give 5 fouls. The winner will be the team who gets the highest points.

3. Table tennis:

Table tennis is one of the best indoor games. Before buying the table is sure about which table you buy because it’s cost about 100-400 dollars. Table tennis is just like tennis; you have a 38 mm ball and have to score 11 points to win the game. At first, you seem it is a very tricky game but once you know the game, you will never come back to other games.

4. Dart game:

Do you want a casino party at home then buy a dartboard and hang it on the door or the wall. Then invite your friends and ordered some pizza and some drinks and enjoy the casino party at home. I think everyone knows how to play dart games; you just need to beat the bull’s-eye.

5. Indoor bowling:

You can also play indoor bowling like a club in your home and can enjoy it with your friends or family. This will also help to improve any child’s aiming, focusing skills, and observation. To create this game you just need some empty cans or bottles, a plastic or tennis ball, marker, tape, spray paint (non-toxic), and of course a flat floor.

6. Balancing beam:

Both kids and teens can play balancing beam, just the way is different. It is a clear-cut and simple gaming activity that improves your balance as well as enhances your skills. You just need a flat floor and colored tape to play the balancing beam game.

7. Sock toss:

Sock toss is a very entertaining game for adults as well as teens. You can take pleasure in basketball at your house; you just need a bucket, socks, and space where you can play. You have to make some small balls by folding socks then put a bucket a little bit far away from you then throw the balls into the bucket. The more you throw the more point you will get. The highest point achiever is the winner.


 Why you waste your time and money by going to the club or bar and when you can enjoy those attractive games in your house. Make a plan with your friends, make some arrangements and enjoy those games with them.

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