Benefits of Western Red Cedar for Wood Fencing

Western red cedar is a Native American sacred tree with many uses. The wood from the trees has been used for centuries and was even called “the Tree of Life” by those who knew it best like in this passage:

Western Red Cedar (also known as Oregon White or Manila)is prized not only because its beautiful color but also because when cut straight across planks will last much longer than other types such as pressure-preserved softwoods which yellow quickly due to exposure between boards through sunlight once they’ve dried out after finishing operations; typically these kinds don’t take wetness well either so using them near water — rivers included — would be asking trouble later down road!

Facts about Western Red Cedar

The evergreen tree Thuja Plicata, sometimes known as Western Red Cedar, is endemic to western North America. It can grow to be 65-70 metres tall with a trunk diameter of 3-4 metres, and it can live for 1,460 years, according to the oldest tree in the region.

This unusual wood was employed by Native Americans for canoes and other sacred buildings. When mummifying their great leaders, the Ancient Egyptians utilised cedar oil as part of the procedure.

Because of its long history; Western Red cedar has been the wood of choice for many years, and it shows no signs of slowing down even in today’s technologically advanced world.

Natural Insulator

Western Red Cedar is the perfect addition to any yard. This natural material offers insulation, blocking winter winds with its air pockets deep within cellular structure; it also helps keep temperatures in during colder months by retaining more heat than most other materials do.

Do you often struggle to hear your favorite TV show because of the background noise from all those who are watching? Or do you wish that one day; there was a way for people in other rooms not only hear what is going on but feel like they’re right next door too!

Well guess what: Cedar fences can help with both problems. In addition to being great at blocking wind and sound cedar fencing offers 70% better quality than solid concrete walls which makes them perfect if loud parties bother us most days-night.

Natural Insect Repellent

Bugs don’t stand a chance against the soothing scent of cedar. The natural oils from your wood fence are so strong that they can actually deter termites, moths and mosquitoes from bothering you by acting likes an invisible barrier around your yard!
Surprisingly Durable

Western Red Cedar fencing is the ultimate in durability. That’s because it contains naturally occurring thujaplicin, which ward off decay-inducing fungi and help keep your fence looking good for years on end!

Resistant to Warping

Western Red Cedar is a hygroscopic tree that can absorb and release water to keep your fence upright.

Western Red Cedar is a hydroscopic material that absorbs water and releases it to regulate temperature. This makes the wood friendly for fences, protecting them from warping or rotting due exposure of your fence line to rainwater

The quality about this tree is its ability not just in standing against outside forces but also being able react accordingly through regulation with each drop accomplished thanks only on how much air space there are around their cells

Stable and Flexible

The natural qualities of Western Red Cedar make it a stable and versatile building material. The light weight, yet strong frame work makes this cedar perfect for any project; that needs both flexibility with durability such as turning or scaffolding; while its ability to take on awkward positions without breaking always comes in handy too!

Western red cedar is a strong and durable wood that has the qualities of being both flexible and stable.

For instance; it can be split into four times less weight than oak but still maintain almost half the strength when standing up to awkward positions like an X formation or standing on its head!

Easy to Stain

For a variety of reasons, Western Red Cedar is an excellent choice.

For one, it has natural resins that help the wood stick together; bond with adhesives more easily than other types of cedar do.

This makes staining much easier as well because you won’t have any trouble ruining your project due to rejections from using certain stains on this material either; just use them all-around instead if desired.

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