Benefits of Pursuing MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

There are many reasons for MBBS in Russia for Indian students, but before there are some interesting facts about Russia appear. Russia is famous for its robust and progressive education system. With Russia’s 99.6% literacy rate, the highest literacy rate in the world. Due to its good quality education and price efficiency, Russia attracts foreign students, especially those who wish to study MBBS in Russia. Their education level is at the same time as the European standards. Moreover, Russian universities are known for developing over time and updating new changes in their curriculum regularly. The tuition fee is super low and affordable at a great price.

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A study MBBS in Kazan Federal University is an optimal combination of cost and quality international students get basic knowledge and reputed diplomas for very reasonable prices. Tuition fees of Russian clinical colleges may different, but in any case, it is lower than in Europe and any other nation.

The average cost of MBBS studies in Russian medical universities is rupees 3000 to rupees 5000 per annum (including tuition fees and housing costs). Living expenses are affordable. We estimate a minimum of $ 150 to $ 200 per month expenses for living in Russia.

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The largest country has a population of over 4 million and 50 million. It is amazing to know that there are nine time zones in Russia, which means that if one part of Russia has one day, it will be night in the opposite part of Russia. The process for MBBS to get admission to Russia is very simple. Indian students in Russian medical universities need not pass any entrance exams to take admission into the MBBS in Russia for Indian students. Admission is granted based on marks obtained in the higher secondary certificate examination (intermediate). The candidate must also meet the admission guidelines of the eligibility criteria prescribed by the Russian medical university and the medical council of India.

  1. Easy Admission Process

In contrast to other countries of Europe, Russia took admission and made it simple for Indian students. Admission needs are easy for Russia. For admission to Russian universities, sets or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) are not required. As mentioned earlier, private institutions in India have a large amount of donation or capitation fees in addition to annual fees. It is not the case for many Russian medical colleges, several of the MBBS in Russia for Indian students.

  1. No Entrance Test for Admission

Unlike India, admission to Kazan Federal University does not require entrance examinations. Admission is given priority to class 12 and first-class students above 60% of their class.

  1. English Medium MBBS Course

This is good news for Indian students studying MBBS in Russia for Indian students as most of the medical universities in Russia have an English medium MBBS course for international students.

  1. Extremely Low Cost Of Living

Apart from low-cost tuition fees, students can also get maximum benefit as affordable affordability as living expenses in Russia are very low. It turns out that students of India can make it available in Russia from only US $ 100 to US $ 200 in a month.

  1. Hostel Facilities

The universities provide comfortable accommodation with all the required amenities. All hostels are flat types, i. e., attached bathroom, toilet, and kitchen. These hostels remain warm in the center. These hostels are completely furnished.

  1. Class Strength

The number of students is between 12 to 15 students. Every candidate gets the individual attention of teachers.

  1. World-Class Infrastructure

In all the campuses of Russia, there is a world-class structure and modern hospitals are modern equipment. MBBS studies in Russia will be very useful to foreign students. Russian medical colleges are accepting all over the world. They are at the top in UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and are rated by 30 medical universities out of the world’s top 100 medical universities.

  1. No Racism in Russia, No Religious Issues

The Russians are leaders of the world. But they will never make you feel weak in their midst. The Russians are known to be the most welcoming community, deeply attached to social and moral values. Respect foreigners as their own family.

  1. International Exposure

As students want to study MBBS in abroad and meet students who are students of different countries, backgrounds, and ethnicity, students will have international experience, which will help them cope with international experience.

  1. Exciting Student Life

Students of Russia lack to do anything after class. They take part in sports competitions and other entertainment programs. Universities have their student theatres, sports teams, volunteer associations, and student building team.

  1. Opportunity to Obtain Dual Diploma

Russia signed the Bologna declaration in the year 2003 assuming several responsibilities as a common educational location of the partner countries. Many Russian universities implement joint programs with foreign universities and give their graduates double diplomas. You can thus obtain a European university and a Russian diploma by studying in Russia.

  1. Availability of Indian Food

Most of the Indian food is easily available in Russian universities. Refreshment stores and different kinds of restaurants are also available close to most of the universities. It’s easy to find the food you like.


There are 12 points that clear why MBBS in Russia for Indian students is a good option. It has some disadvantages, but its advantages are mostly over – losses. So realize your dream of going to medical studies in Russia to become a doctor. You have come to the right place. Russia pays the lowest fee for MBBS in abroad for Indian students.

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