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Benefits Of Polished Concrete Flooring Finishes

Concrete is an environmentally friendly material made from natural components, without migratory chemicals and solvents that can evaporate. Thanks to the “breathing” properties of concrete overlay, the microclimate in the building are favorable. Certainly, the alkaline base of concrete flooring does not promote the growth of fungi and bacteria on its surface.  

Because of concrete floor finishes options, concrete gains strength. Grinding makes the lime in concrete an inert, durable substance. Then, it results in a hard coating that is resistant to the influence of chemicals and does not require preventive maintenance for several decades. Most often, polished concrete is used for flooring.

10 reasons To Use Polished Concrete Flooring

The Strength And Hardness Of The Floors

  • polished concrete is valuable for its durability. Hence, it can serve for many years. Only after 5-7 years, it will be necessary to carry out light repairs, which consists in impregnating and polishing the surface. As for the subfloor, it will remain intact for many more years.
  • The described system is characterized by a high rate of wear resistance and resistance to scratching. Additionally, it is very convenient in operation and is able to withstand even the work of forklifts and other equipment related to heavy engineering.
  • In comparison with ordinary untreated concrete, the polished structure, treated with lithium hardening impregnations, is up to 54% more resistant to abrasion.
  • polished concrete floor is a strong and dense unique system
  • that has a fairly high resistance to the action of almost basic chemicals.
  • Due to the use of impregnations, the concrete flooring surface undergoes a change through chemical influence. This makes it possible to give it protective functions and avoid erosion and dusting.

Wide Range Of Applications

Polished floors with lithium impregnation technology are as even as possible. Hence, it eliminates unnecessary vibration during the operation of equipment. This factor, in combination with other positive characteristics, allows the use of such systems in various fields:

  • at industrial and production facilities, warehouses
  • in places where vehicles are located
  • at commercial areas and institutions
  • in healthcare
  • in public squares

Environmental Friendliness And Harmlessness To The Environment 

Undoubtedly, the advantage of polished concrete is its naturalness and environmental friendliness. This floor does not contain solvents and organic substances that can decompose under the influence of temperature and time, give off an odor or cause allergies. Whether you wish to add a Moroccan feel to your kitchen or give the appearance of laid brick on your patio, this service can add texture, colour and value to your home. No matter what you are looking for, we can help provide the most unique concrete stencils Brisbane Northside has to offer.

Safety And Hygiene Of Concrete Flooring

A room with a concrete floor has a pleasant atmosphere. Concrete is able to allow air to pass through and release moisture from the surface, which naturally evaporates. The high pH level of concrete eliminates the possibility of bacterial growth, as well as the accumulation of fungi, mold, and dirt.

Lack Of Alkaline Dust

As a rule, concrete due to the release of lime during the hardening of the cement becomes the cause of the formation of alkaline dust. However, concrete impregnations used during the period of decorative concrete coating penetrated deeply into it. Accordingly, this allows you to convert lime into insoluble salts, which completely eliminates this problem. Accordingly, the concrete is clean and dust-free, which makes the air in the room clean.

Easy To Maintain 

A polished concrete overlay is easy to maintain. In addition to that, it is easy to clean, while simple hygienic cleaning is sufficient. This is facilitated by an absolutely smooth floor surface.

External Appeal

Such systems outwardly resemble a natural stone floor. Their decorative effect consists of a glossy surface or obtaining the effect of imitating the reflection of an image on a wet surface. Henceforth, it is also possible to paint, stencil, or engrave the floor. With the help of dyes, you can bring to life different colors of concrete and a variety of patterns. Not to forget, there are impressive aesthetics of the system in the high light reflectance of the surface. This increases the demand for decorative concrete coating in places where the visual appeal of the floor is especially necessary.


  • allows you to save on lighting, up to 15%. However, increases the light reflection. If we compare such systems with ordinary concrete, then their reflectivity is 30-50% higher.
  • the described systems do not require special maintenance, which significantly reduces their cost
  • The device of such a floor is carried out without the use of expensive polymers and other coatings. At the same time, the use of impregnations to achieve an effect similar to traditional toppings is negligible (100 ml per 1 m2 of coverage), which is economically beneficial
  • polished concrete is as durable as possible (the service life can exceed 20 years), unlike traditional coatings, it does not need periodic renewal due to wear, which significantly reduces the cost of polished concrete per square meter of its maintenance. At the same time, in terms of cost, such systems are competitive with conventional coatings.

Slip Resistance

The device of polished concrete using lithium mixtures makes it possible to obtain concrete floors. However, the slip resistance of which is 40-50% higher in comparison with other coatings.

High Level Of Heat Resistance

The use of impregnations has a positive effect on the heat resistance of coatings. To believe, this technology makes it possible to transform old concrete into an attractive new floor with a high level of strength. In addition, you can make it brighter, more colorful, and decorative.

The sanded surfaces create the perfect mirror-like surface. And, gives perfectly fitting into the laconic modern interiors. Due to its aesthetics and excellent technical characteristics, polished concrete floors are increasingly chosen today. Certainly, there are practically no drawbacks to this option – the work is carried out quickly, simply, with a minimum set of tools and materials.

Where Is The Polishing Technology Used?

Polishing is used for repairing concrete floors with self-leveling floors, processing new floors and staircase structures. Below are the areas of concrete polishing usage:

  • warehouses;
  • production, workshop;
  • parking for vehicles;
  • shopping centers, shops, pavilions for exhibitions and trade;
  • car wash;
  • animal husbandry enterprises;
  • residential and public buildings.

Things To Remember

  • Before starting work, you must check the tool and all components for serviceability, the presence of all parts, readiness for grinding
  • Carefully look after the quality of the fastening of the segments (circle, bowl)
  • The machine should work for a maximum of 15 minutes, then turn it off, wait for the temperature in the equipment to drop, and continue
  • You can only work in a special suit, glasses, gloves, etc. – this will allow you to perform tasks safely, without compromising the health and quality of the floor
  • Worn out elements, components, assemblies, segments change immediately


The characteristics of the Polished Concrete floor are high functionality, low slip coefficient. It can be a worthy competitor to marble and porcelain stoneware. Choose this innovative technology to obtain effective and practical surfaces that do not require long-term restoration and special maintenance. 

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