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Benefits of Custom Mobile Application Development

Benefits of Custom Mobile Application Development

Developing mobile apps can be a daunting task. However, the cost and time spent developing an app are much less when you know your company’s needs and goals well before design and development take place. Custom mobile application development may seem like a lot of work initially, but it is well worth the investment because of its long-term benefits.

Why Custom Mobile App Development?

There are several advantages of opting for custom mobile application development instead of third-party mobile app development platforms. Some of the most important benefits are listed below:

1. It provides you the freedom to design and develop your app from scratch-

There is no need to follow rigid guidelines set by a platform. If there is a need to change something in your app, you can do it without worrying about the platform’s technical specifications and constraints.
2. It allows you to develop a custom app for your company-
You can use the app for building a powerful brand presence in the market. You can also use it as a marketing tool to retain customers and increase sales.

3. It helps you create apps of high quality-

Companies that invest in custom mobile application development hire developers who have significant experience and skills, which ultimately increases the rate of the app they produce.

4. It saves time and money-

When you develop an app with custom mobile application development, it takes less time to reach completion than third-party platforms because there is no need for customization or collaboration.

Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development

There are many benefits of custom mobile application development. Some of them are listed below:

1. It helps you gain a competitive advantage in the market-

It allows you to create apps for your company that is unique and better than those developed by third-party platforms. This increases the probability of success for your app and helps you gain a competitive edge over competitors.

2. It increases the chances of retention-

The best part is that it increases the chances of retaining customers because the apps developed for your company will be more likely to be liked by users and increase retention.

3. It helps you improve brand recognition-

It can be used as a marketing tool for your company. If a user likes your app, she might be inclined to buy your company’s products.

4. It promotes customer retention-

Users are likely to use the mobile application made by the company they like, which will help them retain their engagement with the brand.

5. It increases retention rates-

The most important reason for choosing custom mobile app development is that it increases the level of customer retention and loyalty, which helps you gain more customers than customers who use third-party platforms.

6. It can be used to build a powerful brand-

You can use your custom mobile app to create a powerful brand and showcase your company’s capabilities.

7. It increases market share-

When you develop an app for a company, it will help you improve your market share because of its uniqueness and superior features.

8. It shows that your brand is serious about the market-

This gives customers the impression that your company is serious about marketing and branding itself.

9. It leads to increased sales-

When customers use apps developed by the companies they like, they are likely to buy their products more often because of their familiarity with the brands of the companies which developed these apps.

10. It increases the chances of getting more repeat business-

When customers use your custom mobile app, they are likely to need it again in the future, and it will be possible to make more purchases from your company.

11. It helps increase online sales-

You can use custom mobile app development to convert website visitors into customers. This is an excellent way of increasing online sales and increasing your company’s revenue through this channel.

12. It lowers maintenance costs- If a custom mobile application is not used by the users too much, then it may not cost too much compared to other types of apps used regularly.

Key Features of Custom Apps

1. They are of high quality- You can develop a high-quality app that is highly functional and stylish because you have complete freedom to design and create without following any guidelines set by a platform.

2. They are user-friendly- When you build the app yourself, you know your target customer’s needs and preferences well. Hence, your mobile app will be more user-friendly than apps developed by third-party platforms.

3. They create brand loyalty- Your branded mobile application can be a powerful marketing tool for your company. It helps to increase customer engagement and retention, which increases the probability of customer loyalty towards your brand.

4. They are of impeccable quality- If you have invested in custom mobile application development, it will deliver better quality results than apps developed by third-party platforms.

5. They enhance your brand image- You can use custom mobile application development to build a strong brand image and make your company more popular in the market.

How to make custom apps

Mobile Apps can be created by mobile app developers using different tools and technologies. Some of them are
1. Hybrid apps-
The best part about hybrid applications is that they are developed as native apps, but at the same is time, it is easy to port them to various platforms like Android, iOS, or others. They are handy for smaller companies that do not have a massive budget for mobile application development and want to test things out in the market before investing in the development of fully functional apps.

2. Native Apps-

These are the best type of mobile applications you can develop as they are created using code specific to platforms like Android or iOS and can be used on both desktops and mobile devices with ease.

The platform for custom apps development are

1. HTML-
The most common and famous platform for creating custom mobile apps is easy to use, and you can make an app that is stylish, functional, and user friendly.
2. Xcode-
This is the best place to develop an Apple app as it allows you to create native Android apps without any hassle. In the case of iOS development, it will enable you to create iPhone applications without any troubles.
3. Adobe AIR –
This is an excellent platform for developers who want to create mobile apps for Microsoft platforms like windows iOs or Mac OSX
4. Platform.NET-
The most popular platform for Microsoft developers uses C# language and .Net framework to create mobile applications.

Cost to build a custom app

The cost to create a custom mobile application depends on the following factors:
1. Cost of development-
This can vary depending upon the type of app you want to develop and the availability of resources. If you’re going to create a simple app, then it might be cheap as compared to an app that is complicated and requires more effort and time, but it will also cost more as compared to simple apps
2. Platform for Development-
The platform you choose for mobile app development can affect the cost because some media are comparatively cheaper than others. Hence, if you use an inexpensive platform for app developers, your mobile application development will be more affordable than choosing a venue that costs much more.
3. Cost of tools-
Most platforms are equipped with the necessary tools to help developers create a custom mobile app without any Hardship. The best part about these tools is that they will be available in all languages, so you don’t have to worry about the language you are using for the development
4. Cost of design-

This depends upon how elaborate you want your application to be, but it should not go too cheap as it contributes to the overall cost


In summary, we can say that custom mobile application development is trendy among IT companies because it helps them create a mobile application for their business to increase their market share and expand the business. Apart from this, custom mobile app development also has many other benefits. It will help you build user engagement and retention, improve customer loyalty towards your brand and company, boost online sales, and other such things.
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