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Benefits of an eCommerce web development

Businesses today need an online presence. Nothing beats starting your own digital marketing business in Singapore. However, many developers do not emphasize eCommerce web development as they first start out. Lack of funds and time are the most important explanations for not doing so. And, more often than not, the latter is the case.


Creating an eCommerce web development template is an integral component of any online business. The competition is fierce when it comes to developing an eCommerce web development platform and selling your products/services on the internet. One of the first moves of taking the organization forward is to have a user-friendly and engaging website. Many considerations, such as website design, content marketing, SEO optimization, and so on, enter the picture and have an impact on the growth of your market, either directly or indirectly. As a consequence, understanding the importance and advantages of effective website design is important.

Your first objective should be to build a website

In 2016, 75 percent of Singapore’s small and medium-sized businesses had an online presence, according to the most available report from The Singapore Network Information Centre has registered over 90, domains as of January 2019. Companies clearly recognize the importance and necessity of providing a website.

Why is it essential for any company to have a website?

Many people make the error of underestimating the significance of website design and not partnering with a Singapore digital marketing firm. Website architecture, no matter how shallow, is the first thing a person encounters while viewing your website. According to a Stanford University survey, website design accounts for 75% of a company’s credibility. This ensures that a good design will help you build confidence and prestige in the market, which will lead to improved revenue and long-term buyers.


It makes no sense what industry the business operates in. Or even the size of the business. Having a website from the start will only benefit you if you want to start or grow a company. So, what are the benefits of having a website, and why do you need one? Here are seven persuasive reasons why you should recommend or convince your manager to create an eCommerce web development platform as part of a business revamp.

#1 Making a name for yourself

All boils down to designing and communicating the brand. A website conveys the company’s overall view in the same manner as attractive packaging conveys a product’s brand image.


A successful Singapore digital marketing firm complements and strengthens the overall company profile, whether it is serious and trustworthy or fun and friendly. Furthermore, consistent use of your brand language and visual identity reinforces the reputation of your business.

#2 Demonstrates trustworthiness

If you believe it or not, developing an eCommerce web development platform fosters confidence. Especially if you are eligible for a restricted domain name. A “” domain name, for example, is only available to Singapore-registered businesses. You should also write papers and case studies to inform your guests of your experience while also establishing thought leadership and influence in your business niche.

#3 Increase your popularity on Google

You’re definitely going to Google whether you’re looking for a service or a product online. That’s what everybody does. It’s not uncommon to see a social media page prominently listed on Google. Since, at its heart, Google is a website search engine. Furthermore, not being found on Google will cost you opportunities that should have went to you rather than your competitor.

#4 Increase productivity

A website can be built to execute a variety of tasks in addition to being a full-fledged eCommerce portal. For example, if you own a hair salon, you can set up your website to accept online appointments for your hairstylists in different time slots. Allow table reservations, for example, in a restaurant. Alternatively, service bookings with a payment option will be treated. For a web development company in Singapore, the possibilities are endless.

#5 Transform readers into paying clients

According to Forrester, most consumers do their own web testing before deciding on a vendor. You obviously need a website and related content to convince prospective customers. When you create an eCommerce web development portal with a content management system, you will be able to upload photos, publish infographics, and case studies. Both of which will assist you in converting travelers into paying clients.


Business customers today are becoming more self-directed: 60% tend not to engage with a sales agent as the primary source of information. Sixty-eight percent choose to do their own online research, and 62 percent say they can now define selection criteria or finalize a vendor list focused solely on digital content.

#6 Generate leads, orders, and income

Any company is successful. An eCommerce web development platform has a strong impact on the bottom line of B2C businesses that market products. Furthermore, an eCommerce approach reduces the need for labor and resources to sell products. Increased leads provided by your online forms usually result in increased revenue for B2B companies. As a consequence, make a point of clearly displaying a Call to Action on your website.

#7 Low advertising expenses

Online advertising on sites like Facebook and Google is far less costly than offline campaigns. Not just that. Online advertisements have a measurable return on investment. Any internet marketing strategy revolves around the website. To catch leads and opportunities, build compelling landing pages in addition to regular web pages with the guidance of a web development company in Singapore.

#8 Outstanding return on investment

In Singapore, starting a digital marketing business is relatively inexpensive. Of definition, this is highly arbitrary and is dictated by the monetary value of the services or products that will lead you to hire a web development company in Singapore. Closing a couple of deals from website leads is normally enough to pay for the website, particularly for B2B businesses. When combined with internet marketing and search engine optimization efforts, websites can reach targeted audiences very easily. That is why companies regularly invest in website landing pages and SEO-optimized content.

In conclusion

When it comes to branding and promoting your company, an eCommerce website is a must. Since we are a full-service web development company in Singapore, Wiz Marketing will assist you in improving your online presence. Visit our website for more information.

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