Become Limitless With This Gameplay Guide On Cyberpunk 2077

If there is any industry at this time making progress at an exponential pace is the Gaming industry. Each year the gaming industry is the only one to always save a spot in the top 5 most revenue earned industries. Since the cyberpunk genre was developed, every single one went haywire in this futuristic and advanced world. Now, fast-forwarding to today, cyberpunk is the top most selling and demanding genre among the gamer communities. Many game developers have introduced many amazing titles, but there were really a few which absolutely killed it and have set the bar through the chart. 


December 10, 2020, marks a revolutionary day in the gaming community and the cyberpunk genre. This game has caused such a buzz in the gaming industry because, after the Shooting and Soccer Games, cyberpunk is the genre that many hardcore gamers crave the most. Now, it is something that not even a regular gamer would understand. If something is on the list right after shooting and soccer games, then surely the fan base will be mind-boggling. Cyberpunk 2077 is the best game ever that carries the developer’s names CD Projekt and CD Projekt RED. The day when the sneak peeks of the game was revealed, you can say the entire gaming industry was intrigued. From its realistic graphics, its featured tech, its cyborg-like fashion, its Cyberpunk Jacket, well, everything that was included in the teaser.


Best-One from CD Projekt

Almost a year has passed, and now there are a lot of concerns regarding its success because many expected from this game. There are a lot of gamers who are considering this a total failure. But talking about numbers. This game has helped the developers a lot. The cyberpunk 2077 has caused the reason for getting the CD Projekt back on the maps. It might seem like not many players are playing the game that much. The CD generated a lot of revenue. This has surprised many! 


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been the best biggest title ever under CD Projekt’s sleeves since 2015, but Cyberpunk 2077 did not just manage to surpass the bar with a couple of thousands of dollars more, no that is not the case. Cyberpunk 2077’s net revenue is more than double compared to The Witcher 3. On top of that, it is officially among the fastest-selling PC games of all time.


According to some resources, the CDPR has set some records with its net revenue. The last record was set in the same year as the release of The Witcher, 2015. Talking about their 2020 numbers, but first, just to give a wider picture, the total revenue of 2015 was $210 million, and things changed drastically after Cyberpunk 2077 as the total revenue of CEPR sets a new record of $563 million.


What Element Makes It THE CYBERPUNK GAME!

There are not really just a few elements that make this game the best in its genre. But few worth mentioning ones that will definitely make your screen time a hell of an experience. If you have heard things such as “it is like you are on steroids or something!” it is not like that. That feeling is just your brain releasing excessive amounts of Dopamine because of the happiness and excitement you are experiencing. Well, suppose the player is a fashionista himself. In that case, it might be the Cyberpunk samurai jacket making him so high on something. Anyways, let us give a quick guide on what things you should know about the game before playing.


Go With Higher Difficulty!

It doesn’t matter either you are a newbie or a true hardcore gamer the VGBs (Video Games Bot) in cyberpunk are more than easy to slay. If you are a true gamer, then you are going to reach level 50 in no time. And that is the highest rank you can achieve in the game. After that, you are not going to gain any XP(experience) whatever you do in the Night City. On the other hand, if you are new to mouse and keyboard and are not feeling good about it, you always have the easy difficulty option to choose from.


Your Avatar’s Life Path Isn’t Going To Help You!

Hate to break it to you that which precedent you are going to choose the ending is always going to be similar. At first, it may look like there is a difference, but after a few missions. The storyline is going to connect all the dots at a certain point after that particular event. The storyline of every character is the same afterward. So keep in mind, your Avatar’s life path is not going to help you. But, hey, every character has their own unique Cyberpunk jacket. If you care about your Avatar’s looks, then you should go according to that when selecting.


Equip Your Avatar with Right Skill

Skill is one other thing that really makes Cyberpunk 2077 the best in its genre. There are more than skills you can ever ask and can think of. But loads and loads of options mean that some of them would not be going to your cup of tea. However, some skills would sound like amazeballs to many ears, for instance, throwing knife skills. During a crucial fight killing the other character with a melee weapon is an experience only those would understand who have actually done it. If you have tried to experience that feeling and failed, just do not start beating yourself. Now you already know what might get you killed even before killing the opponent. It takes practice, and practice is something that can help you be a better version of yourself. 


Keep Your Eyes On Jumping Cyberware!

Consider this as a piece of advice or a spoiler but try to get the jumping cyberware ASAP. The part is going to help you a lot throughout the gameplay. The reason is, first, it is going to give an advantage in an open combat situation. And second, with this, the stealthy missions are going to be way easier. With these, you can effortlessly go to the point without which it is almost impossible to get to. In stealth missions, it will help you a lot to get you through, undetected.


Don’t Rush It!

Suppose you are actually considering making it the next game to your playlist. And have talked about it with your friends who have played it. You might overhear that this game is a bust, it crashes a lot, has so many bugs, and even sometimes it is impossible to play. That is 100% true, but CD Projekt has announced a huge patch update. Which is supposed to fix all the bugs and troubles players are having. 

So if you really want to have fun in a virtual cyberpunk world to most, you should wait till the patch update. And if you are reading this, most likely, the chances are you have read so many articles and watched tons of videos on youtube, just stop doing that. This is only going to make the experience less exciting because right off the bat, you’ll know what to do, where to go and what not to do. And that fellow gamers do not have to be this way.


You’ll Fall In Love With The Norm Here!

As the list of all the wondrous things in the game can go on and on, however, there is one worth mentioning feature that will get you to your feet while playing. The Night City metropolis has all the neons and colors, but this is not just the city alone. The developers have put a lot into it. Among the gamers who have played to its full length. Were amazed at all the details they noticed along the way, and one thing that’s most common is the character’s looks. If you are seeing a lot of Reddit posts regarding the Cyberpunk 2077 jacket and wonder why? Why do players stupidly praise them? You are wrong! It is just you have not seen it in action. Aside from the clothing articles the shops offer, the robotic human parts are pretty rad too.


If you are creative enough and a total fashion freak. You probably should keep a glass of chilled water close before entering any equipment store. And it will blow your mind! with all the options and things you can do there.


So there you have it, all the things you should know or at least a gamer would tell you who has played the game. You can read all the Cyberpunk 2077 related guides before actually playing the game. But doing that is just going to talk about that surprise and hustle element from it. So the advice would be, just make this your last read, download it, and dive into the heart of Night City. And hey, do not forget to wait till the patch update.


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