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Bahama Shutters: Are They The Best Choice For Outdoor Settings?

Shades are a very affordable method of bringing flair, privacy, safety, and elegance to any house or residence. But before you choose them for your home, you should know more about Bahama shutters, their benefits, types, and all!

But, What Exactly Are Bahama Shutters?


The term comes first from the island of the Bahamas, where such shutters are typically used to shield windows and houses from storms.

Bahama shutters are generally classified into two styles: 1. Indoor 2. Outdoor. Both of these are occasionally referred to by other terms:

  • Hurricane protection enclosures
  • Bermuda shutters
  • Bahamian hurricane shutters
  • Bahamian-style shutters
  • Colonial blinds
  • Storm barriers

On the outside, shutters have been used to shield houses and structures from hurricanes and offer occupants seclusion and the ability to control the lighting in a room ever since colonial times.

Outdoor shutters, particularly unusual or well-crafted wooden shutter fittings, may give a touch of class to various attractive architectural designs. Nowadays, residents like having a broad assortment of shutter components to select from. And Bahama shutters can give you both! Sometimes for your particular condition and other circumstances, style is equally essential than functionality.

Bahama Shutters Or Side-Hinged Shutters Come In A Variety Of Styles

Board and batten shutters: These types of Bahama shutters are made out of large panels of framing material fashioned in various ways. The harsh patterns are inspired by the shutter types prevalent on American pioneer houses and mansions.

Louvered shutters: These are made of hardwood boards and get encircled by handcrafted wood framing. Louvered are frequently built with vinyl or fiberglass nowadays. These are suitable for shutting off huge panels on window frames or a sequence of numerous window openings, and these may be customized to match a variety of architectural types.

Panel shutters: They are made from Western-style shutters and may be tailored to match historical design or décor. These are typically square and symmetrical, where more than one recessed square pane fastened within the shutters. Bahama  Panel shutters are also available in a variety of materials.

With all these options available most individuals think of outdoor shutters; they envision some or all of these Bahama side-hinged designs as the most appropriate choice.

Materials for Shutters

Aluminum: Nowadays the most prevalent material is aluminum, which is both sturdy and lightweight. Aluminum shutters are also cheaper than wooden panels or vinyl, making them a more preferred alternative.

Wood: Although functional and attractive, wood demands more excellent upkeep.

Composite: Longer lasting than hardwood. There are numerous designs to choose from.

The Benefits of  Shutters

  1. Bahama shutters are specifically built to function as hurricane shields and guard against various climatic disturbances.
  2. Bahama shutters aid with weather patterns management as well.
  3. The Bermuda shutter type is advantageous in varied climatic conditions.
  4. Bahama shutters, such as various other shutter types, are most of your requirements.

Should You Choose Bahama Shutters?

Yes, shutters are not only beautiful on the outside, but they deliver appropriate hurricane defense for structures. These may assist shield the windows against severe storms and debris, as well as offering shade, balancing cooling expenses, and enhancing your room’s visual appeal.

Whenever it pertains to shutters, residents should engage the assistance of professionals to ensure that all things are up to standards.

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