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AWS or Azure – Which one is better to Provide Brighter Future

Whether you have already planned on doing Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training along with the advanced version of the training course of Azure or AWS training, we are here to discuss both AWS and Azure to help you to choose which certification will provide a brighter future in your career life. There are lots of online sources that will help you to do your certification training in different sector of cloud services.

Cloud Computing is one of the fastest-growing technology in this modern age. More and more companies are using cloud services today which also encourage more and more people to switch their current job position to cloud technology. The main issue is that most of the people from the IT sector have only the time after work to learn new technologies and there are huge Cloud technologies and services to work on and in which you can do master. Even, if you have already planned to do the two biggest cloud services like AWS and Azure, then also it would not going to be easy to choose from the two cloud platform providers.

AWS or Azure – Why Should I take the Certification Course?

If you are already an expert in Cloud technologies, you can then easily walk into an interview and can able to get a good job. But, if you are starting out with Cloud technology, you need to have that proof or certification course through which you can at least get the chance of an interview. So, how you can prove that you are good enough in Cloud technology and the right candidate for an interview? Most of the popular cloud platforms offer certification courses which will let the employer’s know that you are good enough in that particular course. Here, we are providing the top three benefits of taking the certification.

The More You Study, the more you learn: If you set your aim to get the certification course, then it would be a great way to push yourself to the study in a harder way. Now, if you don’t understand that from where to start learning the Cloud technology, then ask for the guidance of experts who can provide you a clear road map of the certification course starting from the basic to advance course, so that you can know what you are doing in every step of your life.

Get Hands-on skill: The basic AWS and Azure certification is always required to sort out the problems, but you would definitely need hands-on skill and experience before going for the exam. You can do your own project in any certified course program from a reputed institution and implement cloud technology to make it easier for yourself in near future.

Brighten New Opportunities: Ultimately the main purpose of getting a certification course in AWS or Azure is to open new job opportunities with higher-paying position. Whether you are looking for new job opportunities or want to switch from your current position to a better position, having certification will prove your skill and gives you the opportunity to get a good job.

Which cloud Technology is more popular – Azure or AWS?

If you choose as per the popularity, then we must say that both are popular technologies in today’s market but still AWS is a little bit ahead as compare to the other one. Most of the Cloud computing companies preferred AWS first rather than Azure but Azure has also captured a huge market of cloud technologies.

Azure or AWS – Which one is preferred by the Employers of Different Companies:

If you are confused among Azure and AWS certification, then the very first thing that you have to check is that of the demand and requirement of different employers and companies. You have to find what certifications they are looking for among the employees but if your dream job is to get a job in Azure, then you have to start learning Azure only.

Now, if you check that what the majority of the companies are looking for, then you will find almost 16,000 positions are open for Azure certified persons whereas 29,000 positions are vacant for AWS certified persons.

So, you can see, that plenty of job positions are present for both AWS and Azure certified candidates and if you want you can do any of the cloud certification course.

Cloud Computing technologies have a huge number of learning materials and certified courses in different institutions on both AWS and Azure. So that you can increase your knowledge and skill, get certified and have the opportunity to get a good job.

However, the biggest factor that will determine whether you could get a good job or not is not only about the AWS or Azure Training or certification course that you did from different academies but also the hands-on practical experience or practical work on a project that will increase the level of your knowledge, skill and experience to get a good job in well-reputed companies.

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