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Are You Doing Right by Not Using a .com Domain?

No doubt .com domain is the king of all domains. Therefore, most people prefer using a .com domain whenever they can. The question is whether a cheap .com domain really impacts the performance of the website? Technically there is no difference between opting for a .com domain or any other extension.
However, other domain extensions can affect your website in several other different ways that are not worth ignoring.
Navicosoft believes that a domain is not just your brand name, but it is a place to make your first impression and build your credibility to stand out in the digital market.
Some pros and cons of using a .com domain for your website will definitely help you make a suitable choice.
Instant Recognition
A .com domain is the first priority of every business or individual. Considering the fact that .com is the most commonly used domain extension, it gets instant recognition. It is easier for the users to remember a website with a .com domain rather than another one.
Global Appeal
If you aim to target an international audience, .com is your best choice. The information you share on your .com website appeals to various countries. Some of the domains restrict you to limited countries, and you fail to achieve the global appeal.
People consider a cheap .com domain to be more trustworthy and secure than any other domain. Many reputable companies opt for using a .com domain for their website. Spammers do not use a .com. Instead, they use different extensions for spamming.
Best for Branding
If your brand decides to use another extension apart from .com, your target audience might face difficulty remembering it. Thus, you will need to put in a lot of effort for your brand to stand out.
Setting Barriers for your Competitors
Getting a cheap .com domain enables you to secure a good position, making your life easy. Moreover, you restrict your competitors from buying your domain which is already your own brand.
Resale value
You might have to consider selling your domain name in the future. Thus, a .com extension gives you a reasonable resale price.
Limited availability
Limited availability is a major problem when you are trying to register a .com domain. In fact, sometimes, there is even no good combination with keywords available. Thus, people get frustrated if it is not available. Some users buy a domain to resell it for profit.
It makes limited availability of a cheap .com domain for actual users. Short .com domains have great demand, so they keep those domains until they find a good offer.
Expensive In Some Cases
Because of the limited availability of a .com domain, the prices have become very high, and the trend continues. It is likely that you might have to pay thousands or even millions of dollars for a one-word domain!
Some Alternatives to .com Worth Considering:
Apart from using a .com domain, there are also other options available. A .net domain is seen to be a trustworthy option. It is especially beneficial for organizations that focus on networking technology. But now, people use .net domain for all purposes.
It is an excellent option if you want to sound authoritative, and a .com option is unavailable.
With websites having a specific purpose, such as blogging or e-commerce, a good option would be to opt for a .blog or a .shop extension.
They make sense since they are easy to remember and accurately define the purpose of the website. Since these TLDs are not very common, you can register unique domain names if you can’t find a domain with a .com or .net extension.
Most countries have their own TLDs, and they are even available to users outside and inside their designated region. They will be available in some cases, but you will have to make an extra effort to register one.
It is an excellent way of getting a unique domain.
You can particularly use it to target a specific region. When someone sees their own country’s TLD, they are most likely to trust you, which gives you an advantage.
Why Choose Navicosoft?
Navicosoft makes it very easy to register your domains. We provide you with more than just a platform to register your website.
Moreover, we ensure you a creative web presence.
Buy your desirable cheap .com domain with Navicosoft and create your online identity with us.
Apart from a .com domain, Navicosoft provides you various other extensions such as .biz, .info, .tel, .org, .net etc. We believe in assisting our customers in the best possible way. Our 24/7 full support resolves all your queries.

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