Are Yokohama Tires Good?

Yokohoma Tires in Abu Dhabi is one of the fastest-growing companies in the tires marketplace. The manufacturers of Yokohama tires use fine rubber for the production of tires for all types of vehicles.

They have decreased the use of chlorofluorocarbon, which is playing a great role in damaging the ozone layer. They prefer the use of eco-friendly products; 80% of their tires are petroleum-free. In addition to that, they also use the oil that comes from the orange peel for their tires to reduce the environment.

Six different tire brands are manufactured by Yokohama, which includes Parada, BluEarth, AvidIceguard, Advan, Geolander, and in the sector of the vehicles that are non-commercial, they serve for SUVs, passenger cars, trucks, all-season tires, performance cars, and winters tires, etc.

If we compare the prices of Yokohama tires with other tire brands in the marketplace, we come to know that the prices of their tires are relatively low. They have a very good tread life. The exceptional quality of Yokohama tires is dry stopping and better handling. Also, some of their tires are resistant to hydroplane. The rolling resistance of the tire is great. They are quiet and absorb excessive vibrations making the drive smooth and clear.

How to Buy Tires Online:

To buy tires for your car, enter the brand of the tire in the search bar and the specifications. Choose the one you want to buy and proceed further. If you do not know much about the tires, the seller will provide you a certified trainer to help you choose the best according to your car type and area you travel in.

Abu Dhabi tire shop, an online tire seller brand, entertains its customers with fitting services. One can choose the time and location of their own choice, and their workers will reach you as soon as possible to install tires in your car

Services Offered by Abu Dhabi Tire Shop:

  • Abu Dhabi tire shop provides their customers with free tire fitting services at their local fitting centers. They have their fitting centers in different cities. One can choose the fitting center of his own choice.
    Also, they allow the customer to schedule the meeting when it is easy for them, and their workers will come and fix the tire
  • Abu Dhabi tire shop allows their customers’ free test ride to check the rotation of the tires. By doing that, customers can evaluate if the working of the tires is according to their expectations or not. If they are not satisfied with the working, it can get replaced with a new pair the service of free balancing of tires for the vehicle of the customer is also given.
  • At their fitting center, they service the customer’s car internally and externally totally for free.
  • One might wonder why a person who wants to buy tires for his vehicle would not go for Abu Dhabi tire shop when they have the best tyre offers in abu dhabi when they are offering them at affordable rates and all other fitting and balancing services.

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