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An Overview of Coronavirus Antibodies and Their Results

There is a general question about coronavirus that how to detect the infection caused by the virus? However, the answer is simple as one can get covid testing for detecting the infection. The covid infection seems to be identified with various symptoms such as fever, difficulty in breathing. But, getting testing can confirm if one has a coronavirus infection. However, testing is enough to know whether you have covid or not. But, what you should know about coronavirus antibodies and their working? Antibodies are the proteins that are developed by the body to combat virus contamination and the formation of antibodies is a normal process triggered by the immune system. However, an antibody test can detect whether your body has developed proteins against viruses. You can undergo this testing by visiting a nearby urgent care center.

Antibody testing system

It is imperative to know that an antibody testing system is different from covid testing. A covid test like PCR and Antigen can tell if you have covid infection currently in the body. However, the working of these tests is different from each other but they depict a common result. So, you must not confuse the antibody test with the covid screening. Nevertheless, an antibody test has its own importance as per the experts. This is a specialized testing system to check whether the body has developed antibodies at the time of infection. So, this test will only indicate if you have been suffering from a past coronavirus infection. But, you cannot get this test done to know the following things.

  • Antibody test does not tell if you have a covid infection right now
  • It does not tell if you have immunity to prevent covid infection
  • It does not tell if you are in the need of getting covid vaccination
  • Antibody test does not tell if the covid vaccination has worked efficiently or not

Know what antibodies are and how they work

The body has natural immunity against viruses and infections that works by producing antibodies. They are mainly proteins that are developed by the body’s immune system. These proteins have the power to combat the virus and infections. The immune system can learn to make antibodies through vaccination. However, antibodies can protect your body from diseases. But, it is difficult to say how long they stay in your body to safeguard it. The development, working, and durability of antibodies mainly depend upon person to person. They are an integral part of the body’s immune system. So, the coronavirus antibodies can work to shield your body from the covid infection. These antibodies can develop through body natural immunity or through vaccination.

Does antibody test help in treating covid infection?

Now, this is again a confusing query that strikes the mind of patients many times. They usually assume that an antibody test is related to covid treatment. But this test has nothing to do with the treatment of coronavirus. So, the picture must be cleared in your mind related to this query. This test cannot help in diagnosing the covid infection since it does not detect the virus infection. If you have a positive result for this test this does not mean you have covid. But, it might tell if you have had a covid infection in the past and your body may have developed antibodies. Conversely, a negative result for this test would tell that no antibodies are in your blood. But, this does not mean that you do not have covid in the past or will not get it in the future. The test can detect mainly two types of antibodies such as IgM and IgG.

IgM antibodies develop early when the covid infection occurs in the body

IgG antibodies develop later when the covid infection occurs in the body. These antibodies mainly form as your body begins showing symptoms of covid and are likely to develop in 14 days.

Process of antibody testing

This test is only aimed at defining whether your body has developed coronavirus antibodies. So, the process of this test is different from normal covid screening. The antibody test mainly involves blood sampling that is done by pricking the finger. However, the process might seem straightforward but it requires precision. You must visit a professional medical clinic in order to get it. The process of this test will work as below.

  • Cleansing the skin with sanitizer
  • Binding an elastic band on the arm to let the blood veins puff up
  • Looking for the vein to extract the blood using a needle and syringe
  • Draw the blood to store it inside a tube and send it to the clinical lab for testing
  • Finger pricking can consider to get a blood sample for this test.

Note: The antibody test does not involve sampling of saliva from the nose and throat. It is particularly done with blood sampling only.

Is it beneficial to get an antibody test?

Yes! An antibody test has worth in relation to preventing covid complications. This test can tell whether your body has developed antibodies against the virus or not? Therefore, you could be more attentive with both positive and negative results. It would tell that you have been suffering from covid previously so you can take precautions ahead. It can also tell that your body has not developed antibodies which mean you must take extra preventive measures.

How accurate is the antibody test?

Well, the accuracy of this test mainly depends upon the time of testing. If you get this test done too early in case of infection, the results might not be accurate. So, it is always advised to get this test done after 14 days of covid infection. If you want to donate plasma then you can also undergo this test. It can tell if you are a good candidate to donate plasma to save others from this virus. This test can also help in enhancing the ability of the body to fight against viruses.

To sum up

Antibody testing is an effective way to confirm that body has coronavirus antibodies against the virus. It is an important screening through a blood sample that is performed at a professional urgent care clinic. Therefore, if you have a covid infection then you can visit the clinic to get the test done by the experts. It would help you in taking preventive measures in the future against covid. You can also take this test to check whether the body has formed antibodies after vaccination.

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