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Amazing Benefits and Steps of Padahastasana Yoga Pose

About Padahastasana – 

Padahastasana is a combination of two Sanskrit language words (padā + hasta. ‘Pad’ means foot and ‘hasta’ means hand. This is a yoga asana, in which you carry your hands to the feet. That is why it refers to the Padahastasana yoga pose, this posture also describes as Uttanasana.  And Standing Forward Bend and Big Toe Pose in English as well.

Do these yoga asanas before performing Padahastasana yoga pose – 

Before performing Padahastasana it is advisable to do the following yoga asanas given below. Because, doing these asanas, your body gets flexibility and increases the temperature of the muscles of your body. So that there is no possibility of a jerk in the body.

  • Warm-up exercises
  • Suryanamaskar 2 to 4 times.
  • Paschimottanasana.

Steps of doing Padahastasana Yoga Pose

I have explained here the steps of doing the Padahastasana yoga pose, so read it carefully before doing it. This will make asana easier while practicing this asana. Try to avoid haste while performing this asana so you keep yourself. So you do not get any type of injury. 

I have explained here the steps of doing the Padahastasana yoga pose, read it carefully before doing it. This will make asana easier while doing the Padahastasana.

Step 1 – Stand upright by making a 2-inch distance between the legs.

Step 2 – Inhale slowly and raise your hands upright.

Step 3 – Continue breathing and pull the arms upwards until the biceps touch the ears. Turn your palms forward.

Step 4 – Raise the body from the waist up.

Step 5 – Keep your lower back straight. Exhale, bend forward, and keep your palm parallel to the ground. Take out the shoulders on a horizontal line and inhale.

Step 6 – Breathe forward while exhaling. When the entire palm does not rest on the ground comfortably and does not touch the nostrils.

Step 7 – Give a good vibe feel, comfortable and don’t stress yourself.

Step 8 – Maintain this last posture for about 2-3 minutes.

Step 9 – Breathing and slowly return to the standing posture.

Caution while doing Padahastasana Yoga Pose

Keep the following points in mind while performing this asana. 

  • Never bend your knees.
  • Keep the neck up until the hips and waist become turned, and then keep the neck freely touching the chin to the knees.
  • Keep in mind that while coming up, both the arms and the head equally come upwards.
  • Make sure not to force your body too much to come in this position.

Benefits of Padahastasana Yoga Pose

There are many benefits of Padahastasana which are given below. Though your body remains healthy and your mind calms by doing this asana.

  • This asana makes the spine flexible.
  • To prevent constipation and menstrual problems.
  • It strengthens the thigh muscles.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Increases blood flow to the head area.
  • Reduces depression.
  • Headache and sleeplessness relieve all these diseases.

Restrictions for Padahastasana Yoga Pose

There are some restrictions for some people who want to do Padahastasana yoga. Some of them are as follows-

  • People with high blood pressure should not do this asana.
  • Do not do this asana during pregnancy.
  • People having spondylosis and discs should not perform this asana.
  • Avoid doing this asana if you are suffering from any serious heart disease.

Do these asana after Padahastasana Yoga Pose

  • Prasarita Padahastasana
  • Trikonasana.
  • Yoga Nindra

Best tips for beginners to do Padahastasana – 

If you do not do yoga regularly, many parts of your body do not work properly, which makes you feel uncomfortable doing any asana. Therefore, you should do asana in a simple way, it will make you feel comfortable. An easy way to do the Padahastasana is given below.

  • Come inTadasana position, stand with your legs spread out.
  • Try to lean forward from your hip.
  • Interlock your elbows and divert attention from your neck and shoulders.
  • Move your lower back and your body from right to left, from left to right.
  • Repeat this exercise 3 to 5 times.
  • Give a good vibe, feel comfortable, and don’t strain yourself.
  • Breathing slowly, return to the standing posture.

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