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EHR software is Electronic Health Records software that helps practitioners in their daily clinical and administrative tasks and functions. The EHR software has transformed the healthcare industry and how practitioners used to run their medical practices. The software has enabled users to increase their efficiency by saving time, overhead costs and also by eliminating the use of paper. Previously practitioners used to store patient information and data in files and on paper, manually inputting data. This used up a majority of their time and also the space within their practices. The patient data was hard to find and search for and also not safe from hazardous incidents. 

The industry has gone through a lot of transformation and advancement. EHR software technology is advancing on a daily basis, and there are a number of software vendors that are coming with a lot of new innovations. Due to new and improved features in the software, the decision-making for choosing new software has become increasingly difficult. Find EMR helps users in this excruciating process of deciding the best-suited EHR software for their practice.

One of the top-rated EHR software amongst the many is Amazing Charts EHR Software. Amazing Charts EHR software is a top-notch EHR software that uses new and advanced technology to provide practitioners the best solutions for their clinical and administrative task management. The software offers fully integrated software solutions to users to run their practice in an improved setting. Amazing Charts EHR Demo is also available for users to have a prior experience with the software before purchasing it. Find EMR has listed down the features, pricing, and reviews of the software for your understanding and to assist you in your decision-making process. 

Amazing Charts EHR Software 

Amazing Charts EHR software is an Electronic Health record software that provides its users with amazing features to improve their overall efficiency and workflow. The software has been servicing the healthcare industry for a long time and has been coming up with new and improved software features on a daily basis. it comes with both options for deployment; it can be deployed on a cloud-based system, which provides better connectivity and access for information. This software can also be deployed on-premise on a fixed system. Either way, the software eliminates the use of paper and traditional ways to manage patient information. 

Amazing Charts EHR Software Features

Appointment Scheduling

The software is equipped with an appointment scheduling feature and helps users automate their appointment management function within their practices. it helps in booking, canceling, rescheduling appointments. This software can also send automatic reminders to patients for their scheduled appointments. This enables users to reduce no-shows and improve the number of patients they cater to within a day. 

EHR Software

The Electronic Health Records Software helps users to log data easily on their computer; the software generates complete patient records and saves them digitally on a centralized database. The Cloud-based system also allows users to have better access to patient data and could connect to the system remotely at any time to access the information for their use. The software works as an employee that manages a number of things hence reducing the overall labor costs as well. 

Improved Charting

As the name suggests, “Amazing Charts” Amazing Charts EHR software offers its users amazing charting options. The software enables users to create clear and exceptional charts using patient information. These charts could also be shared with other practitioners and staff regardless of what software they are using, providing them with great interoperability. 

Medical Billing

Amazing Charts EHR software manages the complete medical billing aspect of the practice. The software generates accurate bills in no time, improving the efficiency of the practice. It also saves patient and practitioners wait time for bill generation that allows patients’ satisfaction to improve. 

Amazing Charts EHR Software Demo

Moreover, the software also offers its users an Amazing Charts EHR Demo. This allows users to have a clear understanding and a first-hand experience with the software before they actually purchase it. This allows them to get their hands on the software and physically test it. This way, the software is only purchased if the user is satisfied with it and knows that it is well-suited for their practice. 

Amazing Charts EHR Pricing

Amazing Charts bill its users annually rather than having a monthly subscription cost. For comparison purposes, their EHR comes out to be around $199 per month. However, you must enter into a three-year agreement with them to avail of this discounted price. For a small practice, the software also has affordable monthly packages starting at $125/Clinician.

Amazing Charts EHR Reviews


  • The software is dependable, affordable, and easy to use the software. I have been using it for years now, and I am very satisfied with the way it has improved my practice’s functionality.
  • It is a cloud-based software and is also a very affordable option with good features. 


  • I am not satisfied with the customer support, there are communication issues, and it is not consistent; it needs improvement. 
  • Nothing unfavorable but the customer support can still improve.

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