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Allform: The Benefits Of A (Modular Sofa)

Think of a modular sofa as a sofa with a seemingly endless number of options to fit your personal preference. Also referred to as a sectional sofa, a sofa with a modular design is broken into chair-sized pieces to fit your large or small spaces. The versatility of modular sectional sofas cannot be beaten.

Here are the different types of modular sofas Allform has to offer and their benefits.

Corner sectional sofa

Corner sectionals are more versatile than conventional corner sofas or couches. Typically found in the living room, corner sectional sofas and corner chairs have modular pieces that can be arranged in the shape you desire to fit your living space.

Corner sectional pieces usually include a seat cushion and backrest with one or two sectionals, including an armrest. The versatility that comes with a corner sectional is matched by convenience as their pieces can easily be transported through doorways, corners, and around other problematic areas.


Another classic piece of living room furniture is the loveseat, a 2-piece sectional consisting of two seats with upholstery. This type of loveseat sometimes is referred to as a “British two-seater” and can either come with armrests or be armless. As a more petite sofa, loveseats also are an excellent choice for home offices

Chaise lounge

A chaise lounge is an upholstered sofa that is long enough for one to stretch their legs. As opposed to a traditional sofa, a chaise is designed for putting your feet up. Chaise is a French term in modern design that refers to a long, reclining chair, and in English, it translates to “long chair.”

Chaises in today’s home decor most often are found at the end of a sectional sofa or as a single long chair. It is an excellent furniture choice for living rooms due to one’s ability to kick their feet up and relax. If you have movie nights with the family, you can’t beat the comfort of a chaise lounge.

Chaise sectional

A chaise sectional sofa is a combo of a couch and a chaise. They usually have deep attached cushions and are designed for you to stretch out your legs. They typically come with armrests on one side or both.

Some loveseat with chaise sectional comes with an unattached chaise that can be used as a seat or ottoman/pouf. This piece can be moved and replaced with a coffee table in the middle of the sectional. There really are no limits to the configuration of your modular sofa other than how you see your space and what space you have to work with. These sofas have a hint of midcentury but also work in a very modern contemporary fashion to suit many different tastes. 

Why Allform?

All of Allform’s modular sofas are carefully crafted in our manufacturing facility located in the United States. With Allform, you are getting premium and fully customizable sofa sets. Whether you’re looking for a modern and minimalist Scandinavian interior design or a luxe design, look no further than Allform’s versatile selection of top-quality products at Allform.com.

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