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Adventure on Wheel – Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai, an incredible 6 Hours tour in the mighty desert of Dubai which is plunged in the rich cultural milieu of adventure and thrill. The tour includes the usual activities such as Belly Dancing, Dune Bashing, Sand Gambling, Shooting, Bull Riding, Camel Riding & Horse Riding. There are also several other activities that you can enjoy during your tour to this amazing destination in the world.

A camel desert safari Dubai takes the visitors to the desert through a journey of camels on the sand dunes. Along with this, the adventure lovers can enjoy some interesting camel riding and desert safari experiences at the Al Hajar Mountains. The beautiful desert town of Al Hajar is the ideal place for desert safari. It has some wonderful temples, beautiful sand dunes and crystal clear water streams.

desert safari Dubai

Once you have entered the Al Hajar Mountains, take a caravan or head back to Dubai and plan your desert safari price accordingly. The Al Hajar Mountains has some magnificent camps such as Al Hamid Bin Laden Camp, Al Kubairah Camp and Al Sheeh Camp. The guests can enjoy some amazing camel safari rides and can stay at some wonderful camps with full privacy. The meals at the camps are quite delicious and all the meals are prepared by well-trained chefs.

The hot air balloon ride over the pristine desert safari Dubai is a really exciting experience. It provides the perfect opportunity to see the magnificent cities from above. On reaching Dubai the hot air balloonists head back to the city in a delightful traditional camel safari. The desert safari price in this case depends upon the number of guests who wish to take the ride. You can enjoy a two-day desert safari or a four-day hot air balloon journey.

Dubai desert safari

If you wish to tour the entire emirate you need to purchase an all-inclusive desert safari Dubai price. At the time of purchase you can choose the mode of travel that suits you best. You can also opt for camel trekking or a traditional horse trek. Camel trekking gives you a unique chance to see the desert in a fresh way. A variety of sights and landscapes are available on this journey, including the famous Palm Jumeira mountain range and the beautiful Al Hajar Mountains.

The other popular desert safari starts with the experience of camel trekking to the Al Hajar Mountains. In this journey you can start from Al Kubairah Camp and proceed towards the Al Hamid Bin Laden Camp. You can also visit the Dune Behest, a World Heritage Site in Abu Dhabi. This will make your desert safari starts with the experience of dune bashing.

Desert safaris like the ones in Dubai give you the opportunity to view the sunsets from the sand dunes. You can get back to your comfortable Al Hajar hotel and enjoy dune bashing after a day of exploration. A cultural activities session is one of the most exciting part of camel trekking to the Al Hajar Mountains.

desert safari

An all-inclusive desert safari price includes camping at camp sites, camel trekking, hot air ballooning and a cultural activities session. It is possible to make your camel trekking trip a memorable one by making your journey an ultimate adventure through the unique UAE locales. Your desert safari price in Dubai includes an adult ticket or an economy ticket, which allows you to go around the city as a single traveler.

The economy desert safari in Dubai includes a breakfast in a comfortable room at the Sharm el Sheikh camp. Camp visitors can have their choice of four dishes prepared for them on arrival at the camp site. An all-inclusive economy desert safari price in Dubai includes a two-course meal for lunch and dinner in the Sharm el Sheikh camp. The second course meal consists of an Arabic meal followed by a snack. An overnight desert safari in Dubai includes a dinner in a fine dining restaurant with soft drinks and free accommodation at a star resort.

An overnight camel trekking in the UAE provides an easy way to see some of the spectacular scenery of Dubai. You can start your camel trekking trip from the Sharm el Sheikh camp and take a further two or three hours drive to Al Hajar Mountains. The mountain tops are set in a very picturesque setting making this an ideal place for a camel trekking trip. Upon reaching the mountains, participants will be treated to a fascinating camel trekking experience that will last up to four hours.

A desert safari in Dubai is an excellent way to spend a week in Dubai. Visitors can enjoy camping in the Sharm el Sheikh camp. Taking part in a camel ride in the Al Hajar Mountains. Visiting the desert villages of Al Satwa and Al Jawf and experiencing the best dune bashing in the UAE. Camping in Dubai offers an inexpensive way to experience the great desert lifestyle in the UAE. With activities including desert safari. Al Hajar Mountains treks, camel riding and dune bashing. There is something for every participant of a desert safari in Dubai.

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