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Advantages of hard hat holders

Advantages of hard hat holders

Hard hats are special helmets designed for employers and workers. Hard hat holders are often attached to the head and worn as a headdress. A hard hat is considered effective protection against falling objects, but its use comes with certain disadvantages. Here are some of these disadvantages of a construction backpack with hard hat holder.


Protection from a falling object

One of the most obvious advantages of hard hats is their protection from falling objects. Most are equipped with shock-absorbing pads that minimize the impact when an object hits it. A hard hat holder, however, also absorbs the shock. Therefore, one of the disadvantages of using this type of hat holder is the absorption of impact from falling objects. This can be overcome by proper installation.


Safety pin

Some hard hats have a safety pin that can be connected to the safety pin on a hard hat holder. The advantage of this attachment is the easy attachment to safety standards. On the other hand, the disadvantages of this attachment include the possibility of the hats being inadvertently dislodged and the possibility of the safety pin getting stripped. This would result in the workers’ heads hitting against the face shield or the monitor if they try to use the equipment while wearing the attachment.


Vulnerable to rust and corrosion

Hard hats are often used outdoors. Their construction makes them vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Fortunately, the attachments that come with most hat holders solve this problem. Other problems include the inability to attach or detach them easily from their bases and their inability to bear weight. Heavy equipment also poses a security risk when attached to the hat holders.


The appearance

Another disadvantage of hard hat holders is their appearance. They do not look good with any kind of hats. And are unattractive when mounted on a pole. They also get damaged easily. Most of the companies that sell them make sure that the attachments are compatible with the models of hard hat holders they sell.


Cable ties

One of the most common ways of mounting these protective accessories is by using cable ties. These ties are useful for mounting various accessories on the same pole. They provide good support and can prevent the hat holders from suffering indentations due to weight. However, the cable ties are unattractive and do not match with the models of hard hat holders. Moreover, there is no way of returning the cable ties after they get damaged.


Retractable clips

A popular option that is gaining popularity nowadays is the use of hard hats with retractable clips. The holders can be loaded with helmets. And the clips can be manually released for the time to keep the helmets in place. These are much safer than the conventional types of holders. And provide good protection as well. However, it can be cumbersome to use and requires a lot of effort to maintain. Many people are reluctant to use them because of the additional amount of manual effort involved.


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