A Thorough Rundown of Kaftans

There’s no denying that Kaftans is worn worldwide, thereby giving it a coveted fashion and cultural status. However, many countries in the African plate have exceptional sentimental value and significance for the dress. This particular clothing is exclusive to women- both as haute-couture attire and as everyday designer dresses.

What Is A Kaftan Dress?

The simple definition of a Kaftan is a free-flowing and loose-fitting dress. One can always draw a direct resemblance between Kaftan and long-sleeve tunics. However, the design structure involves lightweight fabrics and wider sleeves to provide breathability and comfort when it comes to Kaftans. Furthermore, they come in all shape, sizes, colours, patterns, and shades- this rich abundance of options make it easy for people to pick their appropriate dress.

The Cultural Significance

As mentioned already, African regions like Morocco have richly influenced the evolution of Kaftans throughout the ages. They have primarily represented the diverse culture and identities of the continent through their designs. According to the fashion experts, men typically prepare the threads, whereas women concentrate on the finishing touches for the colourful embroidered accessories.

Different Types of Kaftans:

The internet is filled with a myriad of options when it comes to Kaftans. If you are a first-timer, you must dive deep into studying various types to make the final decision smartly.

  • Long

Kaftan dresses are traditionally designed to belong, loose-fitting clothing for women. This is why long Kaftans are extremely common and the most accessible style to find. When it comes to their designs, they have an Afrocentric design. There’s no denying that the sleeve lengths vary- however the size will typically reach your ankles.

  • Short

Kaftans are body covers that must ideally offer comfort and breathability. However, modern fashion designers have infused their innovative mind-set into the concept. This has resulted in the Kaftan designs becoming shorter in length, with the wearer’s feet showing up. You can always choose to pair the Kaftans with pantyhose and tights if attending any formal events.

  • Open

There’s no denying that the initial image of Kaftans, in general, is always a long dress with completely closed fronts. However, just like the short Kaftans, open styles are available for people who prefer to step out of the orthodox fashion.

Many use short-open Kaftans for cover-ups over their swimsuits. Recent fashion experts have seen women fancying long-open Kaftans over other outfits, essentially creating picturesque fall and spring looks.

  • V-neck

And then there are some Kaftans that are purposefully developed for conservative styles. However, the V-neck Kaftans are certainly from those categories- they effectively accentuate your features. Most women used them to keep their bodies cool in warm climatic settings.

  • Fitted

This particular Kaftan variant goes very much the opposite of the traditional designs, i.e., free-flowing and loose-fitting. The fitted styles come as narrow-waist dresses to give your figure a charming impression. You could always choose to pair the clothing with an eye-catching corset belt or a tie.

  • DualLayer

Finally, the dual layered Kaftan designs come with a solid internal layer and a transparent outer layer. This essentially provides the traditional clothing with a gorgeous effect. More often than not, they come with a single solid colour base. However, you can look for options that come with embroidered colours, jewels, or lavish trims as well.

In a nutshell, no matter what the event is, wearing a kaftan can be perfect for every occasion. This is a must-have dress on every woman’s wardrobe.

How to Wear a Kaftan Dress

It is noteworthy that Kaftans are one of the few incredibly versatile clothing, primarily due to their simple structure. You can put them for a Friday night getaway or Saturday morning errands. Additionally, they also turn up to be visually appealing loungewear options as well. You can choose to enjoy the summer weather by wearing a long Kaftan.

Up next, most women wonder what to wear underneath a Kaftan. This ultimately depends on the fabric of your Kaftan. If the material inclines towards the sheer side, you could effectively cover it with a skin-tone matching or colour matching long slip.

When it comes to short Kaftan, you can think of several simple ways to pair nicely with a pair of pantyhose in warmer weather or just simple skinny jeans. You can use Kaftans for all weathers, especially warm to cold, warm climates, by adding thick stockings or leggings underneath. Moreover, you can also put on an attractive fur coat on top to make other heads turn towards you.


In conclusion, it only fits to admit that you don’t always stumble upon midi dresses that marry contemporary fashion with the elegance of African heritage. However, their fabulous and stylish fashion impression has made them a worldwide phenomenon. There’s no denying that no amount of information is enough to master Kaftans as your go-to outfit- hence keep on digging to improve your Kaftan fashion.

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