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Rubber roofing material is made up of plastic or rubber, mostly including recycled items like tries, slate dust and sawdust. It can be installed in different ways such as rolled material that is seen on the commercial rooftops, or as shingles on roofs of residential homes.

Euroshield rubber roofing

Euroshield provides rubber roofing products in Calgary that are durable and environmentally friendly. Later, any scraps used during the installation process are also recycled to make other products.

There are various types of roofing materials to select if you are looking for a new rooftop or planning to replace the old one. You will soon realize that all roofing types have their upsides and downsides. However, Euroshield rubber roofing is among the best options you can go for your home in Calgary. Some pros and cons of rubber roofing are mentioned below.

Advantages of rubber roofing

Rubber roofing looks attractive

The idea of having a rubber roof might be perplexing for some people. People might stay hesitant to go for rubber roofing after thinking how it might look. However, Euroshield Roofing in Calgary mimics the actual slate and traditional shake roof tiles. This gives the rooftop a classic appearance to fit in a range of traditional home styles. Euroshield roofing is available in a wide variety of shades that you can easily pick by your choice. Moreover, it is going to improve the curb appeal of your home.

Rubber roofing is eco-friendly

Euroshield Roofing Calgary material is made up of recycled items which indicates that you are using an environmentally friendly product. An average home-sized rubber roof is produce by recycling roughly 250 to 1000 used tires. Moreover, all the scrap produce during the process of installation is recycle again to produce additional useful products. Once a rubber roof is replaced, it can recycle again for making another roof or other products. Euroshield rubber panels are design in a way to provide maximum insulation to the home thereby reducing the use of energy in hotter climates.

Rubber roofing is economical

Rubber roofing is a much affordable option than other materials. This is because all the materials used in the production of roofs are easily available by recycling. Moreover, rubber roofs are easy to install than other roof materials. Thus, lesser labour is require making this option quite affordable for everyone.

Rubber roofing is long-lasting

This type of roofing material experiences less damage as compared to other materials. Firstly, the rubber roof is completely waterproof, making you worry less about the problem of rot. Other materials like shingles may break or become brittle due to extreme cold or high heat. This type of roofing is resistant to hail and fire thus will not damage very easily. This roofing material is extremely durable making it last for a longer time than expected. Furthermore, it requires less maintenance and repair than other traditional materials like wood or shingles.

Rubber roofing is easy to be installed

It is the easiest type of material to install. This is due to the lightweight of rubber material. Whereas other heavy materials require material to lift to the top one at a time to avoid any kind of damage due to excess weight. All this adds up to installation expenses as it is a time-consuming process. Additionally, these rubber roofs can place onto the already existing roofs. This can further cut down the cost of installation. Because of its easy installation, rubber roofs can replace in case of any damage to the material.

Rubber roofing is safer than other roofing materials

This roofing material is fire-resistant that improves the safety of your home in case of lightning. A rubber roof is not only incredibly difficult to catch fire, but it also slows down the spread of fire if the fire breakdown in your home or nearby your home. Thus, giving you more time to evacuate and save yourself.

Rubber roofing will improve the value of your home

You will be surely getting a high ROI (return on investment) when you decide to invest in a rubber roof. There are several benefits of installing a rubber roof, all those are going to increase the value of your property.

Disadvantages of rubber roofing

Need a professional for installation and repair

Due to the unique material, rubber roofs need to install by trained professionals who have to know how to manage and install the roof carefully. Repairing a rubber roof is not very hard but still requires a man with expertise to properly modify or restore the damaged roof.

Rubber roofing is costly than asphalt shingles

Although, the benefits of having a rubber roof weigh more than a shingles roof. The initial price can be difficult for some people to pay at once in comparison with the installation of asphalt shingles. However, it is suggested to get some financial assistance because rubber roofs are worth the cost.

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