A comprehensive guide to creating auspicious Custom Boxes

Introduction to article:

Custom Shipping boxes
Custom Shipping boxes

In this whole discussion, you would get the core and basic idea about creating custom packaging solutions. It is a known fact that impressive marketing results are acquired by using recognizable and distinctive packaging. This is the reason all types of businesses highly require custom boxes, bags, and packaging to encapsulate their product in a more efficient way. Whether it is an online or e-commerce business or a brick-and-click store, packaging always leads to the product’s first impression. Like:

  • According to various online researches, it is demonstrated that approximately 60 % of the customers feel excited to see gift-like packaging.
  • It is also observed by the different online researches that 40 % of the audience that was a customer like to reorder the product from a vendor who packs it in premium packaging solutions.
  • However, the more interesting fact about custom packaging is that almost 50 % of the customers recommend the retailer to others who send products in pleasing packaging.

So, all these researches make the product sellers think once about customizing their product presentation. This is quite clear that custom packaging leads your product toward success in the competition.

Why is custom packaging imperative?

Custom Product boxes
Custom Product boxes

Whenever you hear to go for the custom boxes the first thing that clicks in your mind is why you go for custom boxes? The answer is as simple as the question is itself. The customers know you according to your product quality, but this is really not enough these days. Now the customer wants to explore the product first. So, you can use your packaging more wisely to communicate a positive image of your brand. In order to do this, you require some custom packaging options not only in designing but also in printing? As compared to custom packaging, the premade boxes are not capable of competing in the crowded environment of the retail outlets. Due to all these facts, custom boxes are imperative.

From where you need to start:

Once you make the decision to go for the custom packaging solutions, then you surely need to know from where you start?

First of all, you need to do some homework like selecting the box style that you need for your product. In this task, you are required to finalize the overall layout, structure, and other basic needs of the packaging boxes. At this stage, you need to decide about:

  • The color contrast of the box.
  • Material that you need for your custom packaging boxes.
  • Shapes and sizes that suit your product.

After finalizing these points, you would get the idea of whether you need to go for fully customized packaging and boxes, or you can adopt the printing option for the stock boxes. However, your decision also depends on the budget you have for the product packaging.

A budget-friendly way to create custom packaging:

Custom Printed Boxes

If you want to create the custom look of the packaging boxes within your tight budget, then printing the stock boxes would be a better option for you. On the other hand, if the printing also costs high, then you need to think beyond the packaging box. For the logos, you can use various techniques that add a personalized outlook to the packaging.

  • Add written notes:

You can add your short messages and other information that you desire to share with your friends by the notes. Just write the note and place it inside the box.

  • Use of Inserts: 

You can add valuable things like coupons, discount offers, and other related information in the form of inserts.

  • Apply the Sticker:

Pasting a logo sticker on the boxes also looks so impressive; although it requires some human effort, it would provide a complete branded look to your packaging.

Perfect design that is done in the right way:

All the above-mentioned details are suitable for the clients who need to add the essence of customization to the stock boxes. But the custom packaging solution needs the perfect design from scratch. And you are required to follow the color combination that is associated with your brand, your logo, and other related things that reflect the image of the brand in the packaging design. However, it is also a true fact that such variables would hike up the cost of the packaging, but it would turn your investment into profit by escalating the sales.

The crux of the whole discussion:

The whole above-mentioned facts show that the custom packaging if created according to the product and brand requirements, would lead your products towards success. However, it would also be beneficial to hike up the interest of the potential customer for repurchase.



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