A Complete Study Guide to Learn AZ 204 Certification

The candidates who wish to build a career in the Microsoft Azure domain have the option to go for Azure certifications. The AZ 204 is one such certification that validates that the candidate possessing this certification has expertise in developing solutions using Azure services. Consider enrolling in Azure training to enhance your skills and prepare for the AZ 204 certification.

All the necessary skills and fundamental knowledge in the area of Microsoft MCA Azure Developer.

The AZ 204 Microsoft Azure certifications help measure a candidate’s ability to accomplish finite technical tasks. These tasks include developing Azure computing solutions, development for Azure storage, implementation of Azure security.

They also cover troubleshooting, monitoring, and optimizing Azure solutions, eventually enabling a Microsoft-certified professional to connect with and consume Azure services and other third-party services.

Responsibilities of an Azure Developer

The core responsibilities of an Azure Developer include:

  1. Participating in all the phases of development of cloud computing infrastructure, right from designing to implementation.
  2. Working for development, deployment, monitoring, performance tuning, and maintenance of the cloud system.
  3. Azure developers also frequently partner with cloud solution architects, cloud database architects, administrators, and clients to implement the solutions.
  4. Azure developers also partner with professionals associated with Microsoft artificial intelligence to create collaborative solutions for clients.

Why Become a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer?

Regardless of your previous work area, the Microsoft AZ 204 sets you on a path towards becoming a Microsoft Azure Developer Associate.

As you earn the AZ 204, your current and future employers will know that you can build an enterprise-grade Azure application and services.

Azure development is one such field in which Microsoft-certified professionals are highly sought-after.

Finally, if you aspire to be on the front line in the upcoming cloud-based technology revolution, you better get equipped with the right skills for the business.

Expected Concepts Asked in Exam

Unlike the AZ 104, which is an administrator and azure environment-based exam, the developer exam focuses more on planning and building solutions to facilitate the development teams.

They are also standard to incorporate the Azure services in modern and legacy applications alike.

Whether the application has been written in Java, Python, C#, or any other programming language supported by Microsoft SDK, the test taker should be familiar with the most used modules in similar languages.

A professional preparing to appear for the test should be ready to brainstorm the solutions based on the concepts frequently asked in exam questions. Deploying resources that give hands-on experience by testing and exploring service features also helps.

Tips for Cracking The AZ 204 Exam

The most helpful tip that comes in handy while preparing for the AZ 204 exam is making it a point to check the official website covering the detailed information regarding services included in the exams.

Missing out on Microsoft learning modules may cost the test takers dearly as the questions are broadly based on concepts discussed in those modules.

Practicing the sample tests and exams by different training platforms helps season the mind for the main examination.

Essential Resources For AZ 204 Preparation

Koenig Solutions
Koenig Solutions is a reputed training platform for Microsoft certifications courses, and they have some excellent content for AZ 204 exam preparation.

Microsoft Learn
Microsoft Learn has authentic and rich content for beginners and professionals alike, and their lab content is worth practicing.

Thomas Blog
Many professionals recommend going through the popular Thomas Blog, a descriptive link for all Microsoft certification courses topics and subtopics. It is necessary to log in using the Microsoft account to access Thomas’s blog.

Whizlab Exam Questions
Whizlabs has some excellent practice content that helps exam takers with their last-minute readiness. It is an ideal platform to practice exam questions on cloud security and database administration.


Indeed, Microsoft online courses aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but thorough preparation with the right resources can make the journey easier. Hence, it is better to plan the preparation keeping in mind the exam level and enroll yourself in the proper Microsoft online training.

If you wish to excel in the Microsoft Azure environment, start your Microsoft certification training journey at Koenig Solutions, the leading IT training center, today!

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