A Brief History of Chettinad Cotton Sarees

Chettinad Cotton Sarees has always been one of the most preferred types of Indian Cotton Sarees. The Chettinad sari were first made in the 18th century in the city of Vellore in South India. The name Chettinad is derived from the word ‘kettinad’ which means ‘of the kettles’. The Chettinad sari was so named because of the town where they were made for many decades already. This town is found in Southern Tamil Nadu and the majority of the local population there belong to the Chettiar clan.

The chettinad blouses are the most popular among the Chettinad Cotton Sarees. The Chettinad Sari has a classic design of the South Indian blouse. The blouse mainly consists of cotton, however various materials such as rayon and silk are also available. The floating blouse comes with the traditional South Indian sticking and is decorated with paint. During their dominance in India these clothes were introduced by the British.

Classfication of Chettinad Sarees

The chettinad cotton sarees can be classified into many types like the Type I which is the cropped dress, the Type II which is the cut sari and the Type III which are the semi-formal dress. The third type of chettinad cotton sarees is the Tamil nadu chettinad cotton sarees that are mostly worn in the big cities. They are mainly decorated with sequins. Cotton sarees having borders or decorated with beads and zardosi work are also available in the market.

A large variety of chettinad cotton sarees is available for women who prefer to wear these sari for casual wear. There is a great variety to choose from. The designs are casual like the chettinad blouse style or salwar kameez styles. Then there are other varieties like the churidaras, patiala cholis and jean pajamas that are specially designed for summer wear. They come with a light bottom hemline and are knitted in cotton.

Another popular type of chettinad cotton saree is the handloom cotton blouse piece blouse which is similar to the salwar kameez. But they are made of handloom cotton, which means that it is natural and does not have any chemicals added to it. The material has been spun and woven using natural fibers. These are also available as per your preference.

South Indian Chettinad Saree:

The chettinad saree comes with a variety of South Indian embroidery designs. These are mostly floral and baroque designs. But one can also get south Indian tribal patterns, palace designs, etc. Some of these have stones attached to them, which add to the glamour and elegance of the garment. You may also find south Indian embroidered sarees in the market with beads and network at the edges.

The handloom chettinad cotton sarees or chettinad sari with beads have now become very popular. They are mostly seen in black or navy blue. They have designs such as ‘prayer at Pratapgarh temple’, ‘king Sanjay’ and ‘king Ajatsatru’. The blue chettinad is also popular among people belonging to the Scheduled Caste and the blue chettinad is considered to be the birthstone of Tamil Nadu. It is also believed that these garments were originated from the Tamil Nadu.

In the recent past, the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu has become very famous for its high end designer sarees. This has given birth to a new breed of elite trees that are available at a fraction of the price of the original counterparts. There are many popular brands that export chettinad sarees, but the latest fashion in this genre is none other than ZaaZee, a popular online portal that is known for its innovative designs. It has also signed a deal with fashion icon Madonna for her upcoming album. Thus we can safely say that the chettinad saree has come a long way in its international popularity.

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